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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1856

[Washington territory],   pp. 184-193 PDF (4.3 MB)

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ammunition to defend ourselves here, so near the enemy's country. 
Now, sir, you can see how I am situated at this place. You said 
when we parted in Walla-Walla valley that you would send me some 
supplies early in the spring. I have been expecting them since that 
time, but have received none, nor even heard of any. I am entirely 
out of everything. I have not even salt for my bread, and I cannot 
remain in this country entirely destitute of everything. I want pow- 
der, ball, caps, flints, sugar, coffee, salt, tobacco, and clothing for 
men and families. If we do not get supplies, we will be compelled 
to move to where we can get them. It is necessary for two companies 
to be sent into this country immediately, for the safety of the people 
and property in it. 
Hoping to hear from you shortly, I remain your obedient servant, 
Special Agent Nez Perces, Lt. Col. W. T. Vols. 
Governor and Superintendent Indian Afairs,, W. T. 
No. 74. 
Walla- TVala Valley, Washington Territory, August 31, 1856. 
SIR: I have the honor to report that I reached this valley on the 
23d instant, and immediately caused expresses to be sent to the Nez 
Perc6s, Spokanes, Colvilles, and Coeur d'Alenes, announcing my ar- 
rival, and that I expected them all at the council. Word was again 
sent to the hostiles, inviting them to come in and submit to the justice
and mercy of the government. The advance of the Nez Perces 
reached this point yesterday, and the whole nation-men, women, and 
children-will be here on Wednesday, September 3. An express 
reached this place last evening from Father Ravalli, the superior of 
the Cocur d'Alene mission, informing me that he" would visit in per.;
son the several tribes, convey anew to them my message, anl -that he 
expected that not only would delegations from all the friendly tribes 
on and in the neighbeorhood of-the Spokane be present, but some of 
the hostile chiefs. The good father will be here in person in some 
few days, and will bring definite information as to the parties who 
may be expected to be present. 
It is not probable that the council will be opened till about Mon- 
day, September 8; and I shall probably be detained here through 
that week. 
The Nez Perces are, as they were last year, satisfied, and deter- 
mined to maintain their friendship with the whites. 
I shall cause a most careful and minute record to be kept of all the 
proceedings of this council for transmission to your office. The main 
object of the council, which is to strengthen and confirm the friend- 
ship of the tribes who have not broken into hostility, I trust will be 

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