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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1856

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their use I hope their request may be complied with, and will for- 
ward a map and description of the land they ask for. Since the last 
payment, I have built a large substantial warehouse at Bad river, 
22 feet by 80, and another at Grand Portage.  These buildings were 
absolutely necessary, as there was no house at either place to receive 
the goods intended for distribution. I have also made arrangements 
for a similar building at L'Anse, to be completed before it will be 
required for the next payment. 
During the last year schools have been maintained at L'Anse, Bad 
river, and Grand Portage. New school-houses are much needed at 
all these places, and I have contracted for building them at Grand 
Portage and L'Anse. A new school-house will also be erected at Bad 
river, under the direction of the missionary society, towards the ex- 
pense of which I propose to devote a portion of the educational fund. 
I have also promised the Indians occupying the reserve assigned to 
Buffalo's band to furnish them a teacher in the spring. 
The clause in the treaty of 1854, providing that the annuity pay- 
ments shall be made on the several reservations, is a beneficial one 
for the Indians. We have this year experienced but little annoyance 
from the sale of whiskey, and that alone is sufficient to compensate 
for the increased trouble and expense attendant upon a division of the 
Without going further into detail, I will only add, in regard to 
these Indians, that (luring the last year everything has been done that 
could be to promote their permanent prosperity, and we have reason 
to believe not without beneficial results. 
The provisions of the treaty, giving to each head of a family, or 
single person over twenty-one years of age, of the mixed bloods be- 
.longing to the Chippewas of Lake Superior, have been complied with 
by issuing a certificate to each person entitled.  If the necessary in- 
structions to the several land offices are issued relative to the location
of the land selected under these certificates, no further action of this
department will be required. The total number of certificates issued 
is 288. Since the last payment, the claims filed under the clause 
appropriating ninety thousand dollars for the payment of debts have 
all been investigated, and such as were allowed have been audited and 
paid.  The whole amount of claims filed was $213,889 98. The 
amount allowed $51,979 99. 
The investigation was very thorough, and I am of the opinion that 
all of the claims filed that were justly and honestly due have been 
allowed.  The balance of this fund remaining is $38,020 01, and it 
is to be expended by order of the chiefs, under the direction of the 
President, in such manner as will best promote the civilization and 
welfare of the Indians. 
I recommend that a portion of it be applied to the erection of the 
school-houses that have been contracted for, and others at such places 
as they are needed. 
The Indians themselves request it, and, in my judgment, there is 
no better way to promote their civilization and welfare. Every pro- 
vision of the treaty of 1854 has, thus far, been complied with, except 
that which provides for the payment of any arrearages that may be 

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