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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1855

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articles in your judgment deemed proper for presents to the Indians 
at Santa F6, and make your arrangements for entering immediately 
on the discharge of the duties of your mission. 
Your first attention will be directed to those bands with whom diffi- 
culties exist, or are apprehended, but with which a state of actual war 
does not now exist; and it might be well, before starting upon your 
mission, to have such understanding with the officer commanding the 
United States troops in New Mexico, that in the event of your success 
in concluding articles of peace and friendship with any tribes or bands,
the same might not be subjected to danger of attack or to any inci- 
dental injury arising out of a. state of actual hostilities with other 
bands or tribes. 
On the faith of the appropriation of $10,000, made also by the act 
of July 31, 1854, you are authorized to procure, or cause to be pro- 
cured, some agricultural implements and farming utensils, to an 
amount not exceeding $5,000, to be presented immediately to the 
Pueblo Indians, so as to be of service to them during the coming 
Your drafts for the amounts of any purchases, or for funds to make 
them, will be accepted as heretofore. 
You will observe that the appropriation for treaties with the 
Apaches, Navajoes and Utahs, is designed to cover all expenditures 
for transportation, for provisions for necessary attendants, travelling 
expenses, &c., &c., in any way arising out of, or connected with
negotiations, and you will make your arrangements accordingly; 
aiming, on the one hand, to conclude treaties with all the Indians 
named, (including both the northern and southern Apaches,) and on 
the other not to exceed by disbursements or liabilities the amount 
Of course, the question of time is left to your discretion, and you 
will not incur any considerable outlays without reasonable prospects 
of success. You will not exhaust the appropriation on negotiations 
with a part of the tribes named therein, but only expend a proportion 
thereof, reasonable in view of numbers, relations, and positions of the 
tribes with whom you may treat; reserving, in case it may be wise at 
present to enter upon negotiations with sonme of the tribes, such a por-
tion of the appropriation as in your judgment may hereafter, at a 
more seasonable time, be sufficient to enable you to conclude treaties 
also with them. 
In regard to the appropriation for presents to the Pueblos, it is 
deemed advisable to expend at present only a part thereof, and the 
$5,000 above mentioned is designed to cover transportation and inci- 
dental charges on the implements that may be procured at this time. 
You will make such arrangements as will provide for the Indians, 
within the country in which they may respectively reside and the pos- 
session of which they claim, a suitable tract or tracts, limited in ex- 
tent, for their future permanent home; and will guai-antee to them 
the possession and enjoyment of the reserves assigned them, with pro- 
vision that hereafter the President may cause the land reserved Lo be 
sre    and to assign to each single person over twenty-one years 
of age,? head of a family, a farm containing from, say, twenty to 

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