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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1905, Part I

Report of mine inspector for Indian territory,   pp. 641-704 PDF (25.9 MB)

Page 693

This company is located at and near Lehigh, Ind. T. The mines 
operated by the company during the past year are No. 5 shaft, con- 
nected with No. 51 ventilating shaft with tail-rope haulage; No. 6 
shaft, connected with No. 61 shaft by electric haulage, and No. 8 
shaft, which has recently been opened. No. 7 shaft has been aban- 
doned during the current year. 
No. 5 shaft mine was opened in the year 1887 on the Lehigh vein. 
The coal is 4 feet 4 inches thick, pitching 50 to the northeast. Shaft 
is 202 feet deep. A slope has been driven to the dip of shaft 3,160 feet
and a plane to the rise 1,130 feet; 12 entries are in operation. The 
size of the two hoisting compartments of shaft is 7 by 10 feet, with 
third compartment 4 by 7 feet in size, furnished with stairway. 
There are two air shafts, one near No. 5 shaft, which is 150 feet deep 
and 6 by 6 feet in size, and one known as No. 5- air and escape shaft, 
which is 6 by 10 feet in size. This mine is ventilated by one Robin- 
son high-*peed fan, located on air shaft near No. 5 hoisting shaft, and 
one 12-foot Crawford & McCrimmon fan, which is located at No. 5 
air and escape shaft. 
In addition to the foregoing description, a slope has been driven to 
the dip of the entry leading from No. 5 to No. 5  shaft, a distance of 
about 1,400 feet, and a plane to the rise, about 600 feet, and this is 
what is known as No. 51 section. The following pumps are in use 
for the purpose of pumping water from the reservoir and supplying 
the boilers with water: One Knowles single pump, with 7-inch 
steam cylinder, 4 -inch water cylinder, and 10-inch stroke; one 
Worthington double pump, with 6-inch steam cylinders, 4-inch water 
cylinders, and 6-inch stroke, and one Norwalk single pump, with 
5-inch steam cylinder, 3-inch water cylinder, and 71-inch stroke. 
Equipment consists of one Litchfield double direct hoisting engine, 
with 16 by 30 inch cylinders; drum is 7 feet in diameter and 7 feet 
in length. One Litchfield double slope hoisting engine, with 12 by 
18 inch cylinders; drum is 5 feet in diameter and 4 feet in length, 
geared 1 to 5, and one Nagle single conveyor engine with 10 by 16 
inch cylinder. Steam is furnished by a battery of four John O'Brien 
steel tubular boilers, two 48 inches in diameter and 20 feet in length, 
one 50 inches in diameter and 22 feet in length, and one 60 inches in 
diameter and 18"feet in length. 
Equipment of No. 51 mine consists of one Norwalk single haulage 
engine, with 12 by 20 inch cylinder, with two drums 8 feet in diam- 
eter and 8 feet in length, geared 1 to 6, and operated by a friction 
clutch, said engine being used for operating a tail-rope and slope 
haulage system. Steam for the last-named engine is furnished by 
one John O'Brien iron flue boiler, 44 inches in diameter and 27 feet 
The average number of men and boys employed in and around this 
mine is 336. Total production of coal for *the current year was 
130,511 tons. There were two accidents reported to me from this 
mine during the year, both of which proved fatal. 

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