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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1905, Part I

Reports concerning Indians in Wisconsin,   pp. 371-380 PDF (4.4 MB)

Page 376

Reeraio.Allot-                   amAcres 
Reservation.                 ments.  Males. Females. allotted. 
Lac Courte Oreille..   .   .   .    ..-----------------------------------
702  443  259  54,862.13 
Bad River..     .   .   .   .   .   ..------------------------------------------
667  404  263  52,275.17 
Fond du Lac..     .   .   .  .    ...----------------------------------------
450  258  192  30,296.73 
Lac du Flambeau------------------------------------458   247     211   36,634.32
Red CliffPo-- --------------------------------------------205  108  97  14,166.01
Grand Portage  --------------------------------------304  147    157  24,191.31
Vermilion Lake.  .   .    .    .   ..--------------------------------------
697  354  343  55,507.34 
Total.---------------------------------------------3,483  1,961  1,522  267,933.01
Sanitation.-A few months ago diptheria threatened to become epidemic at 
the Bad River Reservation, but antitoxine was liberally provided by the Depart-
ment and the agency physician took effective measures to stamp out the disease
at once. In general, the reservations and schools have been remarkably free
from disease. 
Farming and industries.-Although the cutting and manufacture of timber 
is, and will be for some years, the principal industry at this agency, many
the Indians have been induced to settle on their lands and engage in agricultural
pursuits. Their success is very encouraging. If the highways on the reserva-
tions could be improved the Indians would be able to get their produce to
ket. At present many of the allotments can not be reached by wagon roads.
The Bad River Indians, who have several thousand dollars of tribal money
their credit, recently petitioned the Government to allow them to use the
part of it in building roads, sinking wells, etc. These much-needed improve-
ments seem to be in a fair way to be blocked by the nonprogressive Indians,
desire a per capita distribution of their funds. The money thus obtained
be spent foolishly and would benefit nobody. 
Many of the Indians have used the proceeds from their allotments to purchase
farms outside the reservations. Although it will take years for them to become
practical farmers, I feel that this is a step in the right direction. 
The Chippewa manufacture but few baskets. They are, however, noted for 
their bead and birch-bark work. They make and dispose of great quantities
of the same, which forms one of the principal industries among the women
the tribe. The timber operations furnish employment on the reservations to
all the able-bodied Indians who will work. 
Timber industries.-There is nothing new to report about the timter opera-
tions. The past year has been a successful one, both for the Indians and
contractors. Wherever any timber has blown down or burned the contractors
have been prompt to cut it, and thus save all loss. The following statement
evidences the result of the logging operations on the. Bad River, Red Cliff,
Lac du Flambeau, and Lac Courte Oreille reservations for the season of 1904-5:
Bad River Reservation: 
Balance on hand July 1, 1904, and due 
from   contractor----------------$226, 118. 63 
Received from sale of timber from 
July 1, 1904, to June 30, 1905-____.239, 123. 18 
Received from advance on contracts-    17, 510. 47 
Received from miscellaneous receipts   12, 596. 00 
$495, 348.28 
Paid to Indians on timber account-    114, 906. 76 
Paid to contractor on account of ad- 
vance---------------------------41, 211.11 
Paid for scaling and other expenses-   10, 909. 71 
Paid for miscellaneous receipts-------    434. 00 
Balance on hand June 30, 1905, and 
due from contractor--------------327, 886. 70 
495,348. 28 
Red Cliff Reservation: 
Balance on hand July 1, 1904, and due 
from  contractor-----------------102, 681.61 
Received from sale of timber from 
July 1, 1904, to June 30, 1905. .    3, 181.90 
Received from miscellaneous receipts    7, 953. 00 
113, 816. 51 

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