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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1905, Part I

Reports concerning Indians in Oklahoma,   pp. 291-323 PDF (15.9 MB)

Page 292

Lease8.-The number of leases in effect for farming and grazing purposes 
July 1, 1905, was about 300. Ope hundred and twenty-eight new leases were
approved by the Secretary of the Interior during the year and 108 leases
Mining leases are now in operation on 6 allotments, 4 of which are leased
the Cantonment Plaster Company and 2 to John O'Neill. These companies 
pay $75 annual rental and 5 cents per ton on all gypsum loaded out. During
the past year there have been paid in royalties by the Cantonment Plaster
pany as follows: To Left Hand Bull, 025.55; Little Bird, $38.15; Standing
The mill erected by the Cantonment Plaster Company unfortunately burned 
down in the early part of June. This company had just perfected their mill
and got their material introduced on the market and were in position to use
gypsite to the full capacity of the mill. They were employing a number of
Indians at their plant, and it was a source of revenue to many of the Indians
living in that portion of the reservation. In the last correspondence I had
with the company they claimed that they were going to take immediate steps
to rebuild this mill, and I have no doubt it will be rebuilt and in active
tion some time during the coming fall. 
Industry and agriculture.-The former policy along this line has been pursued
during the past year. There are more of the Indians who are attempting 
agriculture in a small way, and their success along this line has been very
couraging. During the past year a greater number of Indians than heretofore
have obtained work from   white men   lessees aid homesteaders-and have 
received remunerative wages for their labor. They worked in the harvest field
and at general farm work. At present there are a number of Indians employed
with teams on the Orient Railroad, now being completed through this portion
of the reservation. The contractor reports that they make good workers, and
he had just as soon have them as the white men he has in his employ. 
Sale of inherited lands.-On the promulgation by your Office of the amend-
ment requiring Indians to deposit in some national depository the funds received
from the sale of deceased allotments, and allowing them to draw therefrom
only at the rate of $10 per month-except in cases of previously contracfed
debts, payment for which was authorized by your Office they were somewhat
reluctant in posting their lands for sale, but after being convinced that
ruling would not be changed and that it was for their best interests they
in and posted their allotments, and I am now advertising monthly about as
many as before the passage of the amendment. After the rule has been put
into practical operation I think they realize that it is for their best interests.
During the past year there have been sold 17 pieces of 'land, aggregating
2,589.81 acres, for $31,335.28, an average price of $12.10 per acre, which
a slight increase over prices received the previous year. 
Minor orphans.-During the past year the following guardians have been 
Wards.              Guardian.    Bond.         Bondsmen. 
Bear Behind-..------....... Albert H. Keith.---- $20 F. C. Staley and C.
W. Edwards. 
Funston White Man-----------  _do---------------200  Do. 
Byron White Man--------- 
James Bad Teeth, or Little White ---- -do--------------1,000 Jerome Harrington
and R. S. 
Horse.                                           Keith. 
Togather......  ....--------------------do----------------. 500  Do. 
Mattie Hansel.......------------- William Hansel_- (a)  E. E. King and Frank
Ellen Hansel.. ..  .  ...-------------- :-- 
Cut Nose------------------Ed Baker_----------500 W. H. and C. V. Boice. 
May Hutchinson.....---------------do-------------800Do. 
Frank  White ------------ 500  R.I. and
C. Lewis Temple. 
Man of War, or Harry Williams- _ 
Bill Williams--------------. do--------------- 500  Do. 
Ebenezer Williams        'A...                  JHarrison Brown and H. I.
Maggie Todd               A.C.Seeley -       600 
Ida Todd--------------------ple. 
a Belongs to Seger district; amount of bond unknown. 

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