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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1905, Part I

Reports concerning Indians in Minnesota,   pp. 227-236 PDF (4.7 MB)

Page 228

Removal Mille Lac Chippewa-------------------------- 
Males over 18 years------------------------------3 
Females over 14 years----------------------------5 
Children 6 to 16 years----------------------------3 
Total - 
--------- ------------------------------ 3,251 
a loss of 97 as compared with the census of last year. 
During the year the following sums of money have been received and dis- 
From Treasurer of the United States on requi- 
sitions               --$253, 000.49 
From sale of timber                                 814, 245. 67 
From sale of public property---------------200. 10 
From  fines-----------------------------3.00 
Total---------------------------------1,067,449. 26 
Paid annuities, salaries of employees, and for 
open-market purchases-      --   --    -- 
Deposited funds received from sale of timber-- 
Deposited funds received from sale of public 
197, 948. 76 
814, 245. 67 
property and fines_----------------------------    203. 10 
Deposited unexpended balances-----------------55, 051.73 
Total-----------------------1,067, 449. 26 
Timber.-Extensive timber operations have been conducted without friction
or scandal during the fiscal year. These operations were divided into three
distinct classes, as follows: 
Timber cut under the provisions of the Morris bill from ceded lands, the
ceeds going to the general fund, Chippewa of Minnesota. 
Timber cut on Red Lake Diminished Reservation (blown down) belonging ex-
clusively to the Red Lake band of Chippewa. 
Timber cut from allotments, proceeds credited to individual allottees. 
The following table shows amount of timber cut and money received from 
same under classes named: 
Cede d lands.Red Lake  Allotted 
Reservation. lands. 
Amount cut:                                        Feet.     Feet.     Feet.
Whitepine    ---------------------------------68,462,626  6,317,795  1,334,135
Norway    -----------------------------------------49,642,033  11,009,373
Jack pine.  ..----------------------------------------------  98,189---------------31,500
Oak-------------------------                     79,679---------------7,180
Spruce.   .   .     .   .   ..---------------------------------------------
Tamarack  ---------------------------------------------  3,560  -------------
Cedar..   .  . .  .  . ..---------------------------------------- -----10,240
Balsam    ----------------------------------------- 180..----------- ---------
Money received    --------------------------------$737,087.53  $77,158.14
The figures marked approximate are rendered so because recheck of scale 
books is not yet completed, which will make slight changes in the totals,
will not materially change the amounts. 
Schools.-Five boarding schools, under the supervision of this office, were
session the full time required during the year. Number of pupils in attendance,
318; an increase of 45 over last year's attendance. 
The present buildings, when filled to their extreme limit, will accommodate
all the cWldren who can be kept in attendance under the present law, except
the Leech Lake School, which I have recommended enlarged, but no authority
has yet been granted for it. 
If attendance was compulsory and the rule strictly enforced, much more room
would be needed, as there are many children who will not receive the benefits
of an education under the present system of persuasion. As I believe the

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