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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1905, Part I

Reports concerning Indians in Indian territory,   pp. 202-221 PDF (9.1 MB)

Page 217

REPORTS CONCERNING INDIANS IN            IND. TER.           217 
Under the legislation heretofore quoted, contained in the act of April 21,
regulations governing applications by allottees of Indian blood of the Five
Civilized Tribes for removal of restrictions upon the alienation of their
plus allotments were prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior on May 12,
1904, and were printed in full in the last annual report of this office.
material changes have been made therein except, in order to facilitate action
upon the large, number of applications that were presented and secure personal
investigation in cases where the applicant was not personally known to the
agent to be of established capacity and experience in business affairs, a
inspector was appointed to make these investigations, who entered on duty
connection with this work on January 1, 1905; and I respectfully submit here-
with, to which attention is invited, a report of such special inspector,
Mr. Charles 
0. Shepard, as to the duties performed by him and the work accomplished in
this division. 
One other important change was the elimination of the description of the
Indian's allotment in the certificate removing his restrictions, the form
of cer- 
tificate being changed to read as follows: 
Muskogee, Ind. T. 
In the matter of the application of             a citizen by blood of the-
Nation, for the removal of the restrictions upon the sale of his allotment,
except his 
homestead. Number      . 
In accordance with the regulations approved by the Secretary of the Interior
May 12, 
1904, in conformity to the provisions of the act of Congress approved April
21, 1904 
(33 Stat. L., 204), I have made a full investigation in connection with the
of        -     , a citizen by blood of the    Nation, for the removal of
the re- 
strictions upon the alienation of his allotted lands, except his homestead,
and am, as the 
result of that investigation, satisfied that the removal of the restrictions
upon the aliena- 
tion of his allotted lands, except as to his homestead, will be for the best
interests of the 
allottee, and I so recommend. The approval of this certificate does not in
any manner 
determine the right of the allottee to any particular tract of land. 
United States Indian Agent. 
Washington, D. C.,         , 190-. 
Secretary of the Interior. 
The chang6 was found to be advisable to avoid complicating the title to these
lands, should a certain tract be described in a certificate which at a subsequent
date might be for some good reason canceled from his allotment. In many in-
stances the allottee, when he made application, had not selected all of the
to which he was entitled, and by describing the portion he had selected would
only necessitate another application at a later date covering the remainder
his land. 
The report of the special inspector and the records of the agency show the
following statistics with reference to these applications for removal of
tions and action taken thereon: 
Up to and including June 30, 1905, 2,245 of these petitions have been filed,
divided among the Five Tribes as follows: Creek, 553 ; Cherokee, 577; Choc-
taw, 854; Chickasaw, 219; Seminole, 36; duplicate, 6; total, 2,245. 
Of the above, the statement below shows the action taken: 
Applications approved: Creek, 146; Cherokee, 138; Choctaw, 
71; Chickasaw, 28; Seminole, 5; total                       388 
Applications disapproved   ------------------------------982 
Applications now pending in this office -------------------809 
(Of this number 244 have been heard and are in course 
of preparation for submitting to the Department; 480 are 
docketed for hearing, and 85 are incomplete for lack of cer- 
tain documentary evidence.) 
Applications dismissed and withdrawn for various reasons_      60 
Files left vacant by consolidation with others--------------6 
Total--------------------2, 245 
Of the 1,085 application first filed and forwarded without hearing with a
recommendation of disapproval, 200 were returned for further investigation,

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