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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1905, Part I

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Reports of agents and others in charge of Indian tribes-Continued. 
Oklahoma-Continued.                                             Page. 
Osage, Frank Frantz, agent----------------------------------306 
H. C. Ripley, Indian trade supervisor-----------------------312 
Oto, H. W. Newman, superintendent in charge------------------313 
Pawnee, Geo. W. Nellis, superintendent in charge---------------314 
A. G. Murray, missionary--------------------------------316 
Ponca and Oakland, H. M. Noble, superintendent in charge-------316 
Sac and Fox, W. C. Kohlenberg, superintendent in charge--------319 
Shawnee (Mexican Kickapoo and Potawatomi), Frank A Thack- 
ery, superintendent in charge-------------------------------321 
Grande Ronde, Dr. Andrew Kershaw, superintendent in charge-.  323 
Klamath, Horace G. Wilson, superintendent in charge -----------324 
Siletz, Knott C. Egbert, superintendent in charge--------------- 32( 
Umatilla, Jno. J. McKoin, superintendent in charge--------------327 
Warm Springs, Claude C. Covey, superintendent in charge .....  383 
South Dakota- 
Cheyenne River, Ira A. Hatch, agent--------------------------328 
Eugene D. Mossman, superintendent of school------------ 330 
Crow Creek, Harry D. Chamberlain, agent---------------------331 
Canton Asylum for Insane, Oscar S. Gifford, superintendent-----_334 
Flandreau Sioux, Chas. F. Peirce, superintendent Riggs Institute, 
in charge-------------------------------------------------335 
Lower Brul,, R. H. Somers, agent.-------------------        337 
Pine Ridge, John R. Brennan, agent---------------------------337 
Ralph H. Ross, superintendent of school---------------   339 
J. J. Duncan, day school inspector-------------------------340 
Rosebud, Chas. E. McChesney, agent.-----------------------   342 
Chas. F. Werner, superintendent of school                345 
Jesse B. Mortsolf, day school inspector---------------------345 
P. Flor Digmann, superintendent ot school------------------346 
Sisseton, C. B. Jackson, agent--------------------------------346 
Pinckney V. Tuell, acting superintendent of school ----------347 
David E. Evans, superintendent of school------------------348 
Yankton, R. J. Taylor, agent. .------------------------      348 
David W. Betts, superintendent of school------------------352 
Panguitch (Shivwits), Laura B. Work, superintendent in charge-  352 
Uintah and Ouray, Capt. C. H. Hall, agent----------------------353 
Oscar M. Waddell, superintendent of school-------------354,355 
Colville, Capt. John McA. Webster, agent-----------------------355 
Frank F. Avery, superintendent of school------------------357 
Neah Bay, Edwin Minor, superintendent in charge--------------358 
Puyallup, Harry F. Liston, superintendent in charge-------------360 
Tulalip, Charles M. Buchanan, superintendent in charge---------361 
Win. McCluskey, farmer.---------------------------365 
Charles M. Buchanan, superintendent Tulalip school---------366 
Chas. A. Reynolds, farmer--------------------------------368 
Allan A. Bartow and Louise A. Bartow, teacher and house- 
Edward Bristow, farmer --               ----369 
Yakima, Jay Lynch, superintendent in charge------------------369 

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