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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1903, Part II

Report of the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes,   pp. 1-190 ff. PDF (101.5 MB)

Page 21

Doubtless many applicants for enrollment died prior to September 
1,1902, whose deaths have not yet been reported to the Commission. It 
is believed that the greater number of those listed under the general 
application of June 30, 1902, and still unaccounted for are not living. 
The Commission is embracing every opportunity to obtain definite 
information leading to the final disposition of such cases. 
The right of intermarried white persons to share in the tribal prop- 
erty of the Cherokee Nation has been bitterly contested by the full- 
bloods. Thetribeat last succeeded in having the question submitted 
to the United States Court of Claims for determination, and on March 
21 1903, the Commission was instructed by the Secretary of the Interior 
to withhold from the final roll of Cherokees the names of all persons 
claiming citizenship by intermarriage. The total number of inter- 
married whites for whom application has been made is 3,549, and until 
the case now pending before the Court of Claims is finally decided they 
are classed among the doubtful claimants to enrollment. 
Immediately upon the ratification of the Cherokee agreement by 
the members of that tribe, the Commission addressed itself to the work 
of preparing, for transmission to the Secretary of the Interior, lists 
or schedules of persons entitled to enrollment, as provided in section 
29 of said agreement, which reads as follows: 
SEC. 29. For the purpose of expediting the enrollment of the Cherokee citizens
the allotment of lands as herein provided, the said Commission shall, from
time to time, 
and as soon as practicable, forward to the Secretary of the Interior lists
upon which 
shall be placed the names of those persons found by the Commission to be
to enrollment. The lists thus prepared, when approved by the Secretary of
Interior, shall constitute a part and parcel of the final roll of citizens
of the Cherokee 
tribe, upon which allotment of land and distribution of other tribal property
be made. When there shall have-been submitted to, and approved by, the Secre-
tary of the Interior lists embracing the names of all those-lawfully entitled
to enroll- 
ment, the roll shall be deemed complete. The roll so prepared shall be made
quadruplicate, one to be deposited with the Secretary of the Interior, one
with the 
Commissioner of Indian Affairs, one with the principal chief of the Cherokee
and one to remain with the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes. 
Up to the close of the year the names of 28,016 Cherokee citizens 
were so scheduled. This number includes those of both Cherokee and 
Shawnee blood, and also 1,145 citizens by intermarriage. Schedules 
embracing the names of 27,033 Cherokee citizens, 1,145 of whom are 
citizens by intermarriage, have been approved by the Secretary of the 
Interior. The names of 2,749 Cherokee freedmen have also been 
scheduled Under the provision of law above quoted, and their final 
enrollment has been approved by the Secretary of the Interior. 
The remaining schedules are being prepared as rapidly as the rights 
of the applicants can be determined. In some cases additional evi- 
dence is required, which the applicants have been notified to supply, 
while in numerous instances advantage is taken of the applicant's 
appearance at the Cherokee land office to select his allotment, and he is
required to complete the record in the matter of his application for 
enrollment as far as possible before leaving the office. 

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