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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1903, Part II

Report of the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes,   pp. 1-190 ff. PDF (101.5 MB)

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a revision of the 1880 authenticated roll, and the experience of the 
Commission has shown it to be the most accurate roll in its possession. 
Accordingly, on June 30, 1902, a recognized citizen of the Cherokee 
Nation was permitted to make application for the enrollment of all 
those persons and their families whose names appeared upon these 
tribal rolls and who at that time remained unaccounted for. 
Applications of this character were made for the enrollment of 
2,269 persons, all of whom were listed upon doubtful cards and classi- 
fied as follows: 
Cherokees by blood ......................................................
Cherokees by intermarriage --------------------------------------318 
Delaware Cherokees..    .   .   .    .   .   .   .    ..---------------------------------------------
Cherokee freedmen..    .   ..      .   ..      .   ..---------------------------------------------.231
Total----------------  -------  --------------------------2,269 
The number so carded is included in the total shown in the sum- 
marized statement of applications for Cherokee citizenship. 
Particular attention has been given to' the matter of obtaining 
information regarding these delinquents. As a result it is believed 
that not over 75 of the persons so listed will be found entitled to a place
upon the final roll of citizens of the Cherokee Nation.   Many had 
already applied for enrollment under names other than those appear- 
ing upon the tribal rolls.  Some are enrolled with other tribes. Many 
are dead, and others left the Cherokee Nation years ago. A few 
remain concerning whom no information has yet been obtained. - 
The Cherokee agreement approved by Congress July 1, 1902, rati- 
fied by the citizens of the Cherokee-Nation on August 7, 1902, and 
regularly proclaimed August 12, 1902, contains the following pro- 
visions touching upon the final roll of Cherokee citizens: 
SEc. 25. The roll of citizens of the Cherokee Nation shall be made as of
first, nineteen hundred and two, and the names of all persons then living
and enti- 
tled to enrollment on that date shall be placed on said roll by the Commission
to the 
Five Civilized Tribes. 
SEC. 26. The names of all persons living on the first day of September, nineteen
hundred and two, entitled to be enrolled as provided in sectioii twenty-five
shall be placed upon the roll made by said Commission, and no child born
to a citizen, and no white person who has intermarried with a Cherokee citizen
the sixteenth day of December, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, shall be
to enrollment or to participate in the distribution of the tribal property
of the 
Cherokee Nation. 
SEC. 30. During the months of September and October, in the year nineteen
dred and two, the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes may receive applications
for enrollment of such infant children as may have been born to recognized
enrolled citizens of the Cherokee Nation on or before the first day of September
nineteen hundred and two, but the application of no person whomsoever for
ment shall be received after the thirty-first day of October, nineteen hundred
and two. 
As this extended the date which had previously been fixed by the 
Secretary of the Interior for the closing of the Cherokee rolls, the 
Commission resumed the hearing of original applications for enroll- 
ment immediately after the ratification of the agreement was pro- 
claimed. Between that date, however, and the date upon which the rolls 
were finally closed but few applications were received. These may be 
classified as follows: 
Cherokees by blood....................... ----------------------33 
Cherokee freedmen------------------40 
Memoranda cases (act of May 31, 1900)-.....................................

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