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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1903, Part II

Report of the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes,   pp. 1-190 ff. PDF (101.5 MB)

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the fiscal year ended June 30, 1903, 1,476 applications of this charac- 
ter were made to the Commission, which embrace 4,843 persons. 
These were all heard at the general office of the Commission at Mus- 
kogee, Ind. Ter., except 3P, which were received in the State of Mis- 
sisippi between March 16 and 25, 1903, during which time an office was 
maintained there for the purpose of affording a final opportunity to 
Choctaw Indians residing in Mississippi and the adjacent country to 
make personal application for identification.   I 
During the past fiscal year 4,790 decisions have been prepared in 
Mississippi Choctaw cases which involve the rights of 16,993 applicants.
Of the decisions so rendered, 578 identify 1,738 applicants, while 4,212
refuse the applications of 15,255 persons. The Secretary of the Inte- 
rior has affirmed 8,070 decisions of the Commission, denying the appli- 
cations of 10,728 persons for identification as Mississippi Choctaws. 
The Department has also, during the year, remanded for further con- 
sicTeration, recommendation, and report 113 Mississippi Choctaw cases, 
embracing 407 applicants. In each of these cases the instructions of 
the Department have been carried out, further hearings have been had, 
and the records resubmitted to the Department for review.  I 
Schedules containing the names of 1,735 persons identified by the 
Commission as Mississippi Choctaws under the provisions of the acts 
of Congress approved June 28, 1898 (Appendix No. 1, p. 62), and July 
1, 1902 (Appendix No. 1, p. 102), have been prepared and submitted to 
the Department, all of which have received the approval of the Secre- 
tary of the Interior. 
The original applications for identification as Mississippi Choctaws 
made to the Commission number 7,426, and include 24,634 persons. 
Decisions have been prepared and submitted to the Secretary of the 
Interior for review which adjudicae the rights of 23,344 such appli- 
cants. In disposing of these applications the Commission has identified 
1,738 applicants as Mississippi Choctaws, entitled to enrollment as 
members of the Choctaw tribe of Indians and, upon compliance with 
the conditions imposed by law, to allotments of land in the Choctaw- 
Chickasaw country, while the applications of 21,606 persons have been 
refused, leaving but 1,290 applicants whose rights have not been 
With but few exceptions those who have been identified are full- 
blood Choctaw Indians, residing in the State of Mississippi and without 
means to carry out the conditions exacted by the Choctaw-Chickasaw 
supplemental agreement, in order that they may enter upon the enjoy- 
ment of the benefits bestowed by such identification. This exigency, 
however, is in a measure met by the following provision inserted in 
the Indian appropriation act approved March 3, 1903 (Appendix No. 
1, p. 123): 
That the sum of twenty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as is necessary,
hereby appropriated, to be immediately available, for the purpose of aiding
and identified full-blood Mississippi Choctaws to remove to the Indian Territory,
be expended at the discretion and under the direction of. the Secretary of
the Interior. 
Thus it will be seen that the identification of Mississippi Choctaws, 
a long, complicated, and expensive task, is well nigh completed. 

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