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Title: Annals of the famine in Ireland : electronic text
Author: Nicholson, Asenath, 1792-1855
Principal: Walden, Barbara

Submitter: Walden, Barbara

Edition: UW-Madison TEI edition

Optical Character Recognition and Reading Level Encoding by: the UW-Madison Libraries Digital Production Facility, Steven Dast, Head

Extent: ca. 550 Kb, in one file.
Publisher: University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries
Place: Madison, Wisconsin
Date: 2000

Memorial Library
728 State Street
Madison, WI 53706

issue-id: History.NichoAnnal

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Series: The History Collection / Historical Primary Sources

Asenath Hatch Nicholson, born in Chelsea, Vermont, in 1792, was an involved eyewitness to the great Irish famine in 1847-1848. The electronic edition presented here is based on the 1851 edition of Annals of the famine in Ireland, in 1847, 1848, and 1849.

Other works by Mrs. Nicholson in the collections of the University of Wisconsin-Madison include:

Annals of the famine in Ireland / Asenath Nicholson ; edited by Maureen Murphy. Publisher: Dublin : Lilliput Press, 1998.
Ireland's welcome to the stranger; or An excursion through Ireland, in 1844 & 1845, for the purpose of personally investigating the condition of the poor. By A. Nicholson. Publisher: New York, Baker and Scribner, 1847.
Ireland's welcome to the stranger, or, Excursions through Ireland, in 1844 & 1845 : for the purpose of personally investigating the condition of the poor / by A. Nicholson. Publisher: London : C. Gilpin, 1847. Series: Goldsmiths'-Kress library of economic literature ; no. 35367. Format: Microfilm.
Loose papers; or, Facts gathered during eight years' residence in Ireland, Scotland, England, France, and Germany. Publisher: New York, Sold at the Anti-slavery Office, 1853. Series: History of women, Reel 285, no. 1917. Format: Microfilm

For more information about Mrs. Nicholson:

American women writers : a critical reference guide from colonial times to the present / edited by Lina Mainiero. Publisher: New York : Ungar, c1979-1994.

Source Text

Title: Annals of the famine in Ireland, in 1847, 1848, and 1849.
Author: Nicholson, Asenath, 1792-1855
Extent: 336 p.
Publisher: E. French
Place: New York
Date: 1851

Being pt. III, enlarged, of the author's Lights and shades of Ireland, London, 1850.

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