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Information bulletin


Information bulletin
Frankfurt, Germany: Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany Office of Public Affairs, Public Relations Division, APO 757, US Army, May 1951

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Table of contents, p. [1]

US women leaders touring Germany, p. [2]

As I see America, Reuter, Ernst pp. [3]-6

Manhunt for 6,000,000, Elbot, Hugh G. pp. [7]-[10]

Approach to clemency decisions, pp. 11-12

What are we doing for German youth?, Mahoney, Haynes R. pp. [13]-15

A literary trip to America (pictorial), p. [16]

Liberty is at stake, pp. [17]-[18]

The face is familiar, Keefe, William F. pp. [19]-[21]

Bridgebuilders in Straubing, Canaday, Richard R. p. [22]

Democracy comes to Dachau, Caldwell, William J. pp. [23]-[25]

"Design for use, USA" (pictorial), p. [26]

The citizens meet their government, pp. 27-28

Six points of US poilicy, McCloy, John J. pp. 29-30

Schuman plan treaty signed, pp. [31]-35

Freedom for farm women, Holtzclaw, Katharine pp. [36]-[37]

Classroom on tour, p. [38]

Young farmers return, Glick, Margaret pp. 39-42

East German schools Sovietized, p. 43

Modern schools planned, pp. [44]-45

Singers with a message, p. 46

Community council arrives, Houlihan, Jack P. pp. [47]-[48]

Berlin film festival, p. [49]

Tide of toys, p. [50]

New approach to history, pp. 51-52

Production, employment rising, Cefaratti, A. J. pp. 53-55

I. G. Farben dispersal plan announced, p. 55

Personnel notes, pp. 56-57

German cartoons, pp. 58-59

Calendar of coming events, pp. 60-61

In and around Germany, pp. 62-63

Agreement on relaxations of control over German industry, pp. 64-66

Federal republic plan for implementation of law 27 approved , pp. 67-69

Official notices, pp. 70-71

Regulations, directives, publications, documents, pp. 72-[73]


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