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Information bulletin


Information bulletin
Frankfurt, Germany: Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany Office of Public Affairs, Public Relations Division, APO 757, US Army, March 1951

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[Cover] Information bulletin: monthly magazine of the office of US high commissioner for Germany

Table of contents, p. [1]

HICOG begins building Bonn housing, p. 2

The gift of self-respect, Boyle, Kay pp. [3]-[4]

Soviet zone press, Cox, F. Gardner, Jr. pp. [5]-8

Town of two nations, Gates, Frank J. pp. [9]-10

Search for truth, McCloy, Mrs. John J. p. 11

Ruhr steel and coal for Western defense (pictorial), p. [12]

The little church behind the curtain, Lee, Maurice E. pp. [13]-15

Basketball comes back, Brand, Frances C. p. [16]

A woman's world, Burchard, Beth pp. 17-20

Germans guard civil liberties, Saliger, Wilfried pp. 21-[23]

"Parade" of progress, Werner, Gerhard M. pp. 24-[25]

Status of denazification, pp. 26-28

The Socialist Unity Party as the Soviet instrument of power in Eastern Germany, pp. 29-31

Across-the-city student exchange beings, p. [34]

School financing, Strevell, Wallace H. pp. 33-35

Homes across the seas, Canali, Edoardo pp. [38]-39

US policy toward Germany clarified, Byroade, Henry A. p. [42]

The major responsibility, Kirkpatrick, Ivone pp. 41-42

The French point of view, Francois-Poncet, Andre pp. 43-45

[Traditional Green Week returns to Berlin (pictorial)], pp. [48]-[49]

Bundestag group sees link with West, p. 48

The spirit of Carl Schurz, Buttenwieser, Benjamin J. pp. 49-51

Economic review, pp. 52-55

Personnel notes, pp. 56-57

Communications system expanding steadily, p. [60]

Calendar of coming events, pp. 59-60

Occupation log, pp. [63]-68

Official notices, pp. 69-71

Regulations, directives, publications, documents, pp. 72-[73]


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