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Information bulletin


Information bulletin
Frankfurt, Germany: Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany Office of Public Affairs, Public Relations Division, APO 757, US Army, June 1951

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[Cover] Information bulletin: monthly magazine of the office of US high commissioner for Germany

Table of contents, pp. [1]-[2]

Goethe house restored, Ball, Robert P. pp. [3]-6

Touring the border, Caldwell, W. J. pp. [7]-11

Armed forces day celebrated, pp. [12]-[13]

Soviet obstruction, Byroade, Henry A. p. 14

US policy in Europe, Reber, Samuel pp. [15]-19

House of neighbors, Anthon, Margaret Day pp. [20]-23

Bonn project to be ready by fall, p. [24]

Present status of universities, Read, James M. pp. 25-26

Refugee glassmakers, pp. [27]-28

Porcelain, old and new, Ware, George W. pp. 29-35

Who's who in the federal cabinet, pp. [36]-42

Building strength against Communism, pp. 43-47

Eisenhower inspects West zone defenses (pictorial), pp. [48]-[49]

Action planned against trade violators, p. 50

A lesson to be learned, Merchant, Mary pp. 51-[52]

German, US press look at Schuman plan, pp. 53-54

Output, exports set records, Cefaratti, A. J. pp. 55-57

Personnel notes, pp. 58-59

Alternative to "pre-medieval barbarism", p. 60

German cartoons, pp. 61-62

Calendar of coming events, pp. 63-64

Washington report, pp. 65-[67]

In and around Germany, pp. 68-[69]

Official notices, pp. 70-71

Regulations, directives, publications, documents, pp. 72-[73]


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