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Information bulletin


Information bulletin
Frankfurt, Germany: Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany Office of Public Affairs, Public Relations Division, APO 757, US Army, July 1951

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Table of contents, p. [1]

Big new housing projects for Bavaria, p. 2

Economic prospects for Germany, Cattier, Jean pp. 3-4

The America book, McLaughlin, Helen pp. [5]-[6]

Hand of friendship, Miles, Aileen S. pp. 7-14

Promoting German trade, pp. 15-[18]

Exports seen as solution for Berlin, p. [18]

Workers turn over Bonn projects, pp. [19]-[20]

Looking stateward, Goldbeck, Liselotte pp. 21-22

Report to America, McCloy, John J. pp. 23-26

Church social problems, McClaskey, Beryl R. pp. 27-29

High German officials see big paradrop (pictorial), pp. [30]-[31]

Stars over West Berlin, Lee, Maurice E. pp. [32]-[33]

Bavarian schools on view, Mayes, Martin p. 34

Labor's responsibilities, Brown, Harvey W. pp. 35-36

Free-enterprise principle surveyed, p. 36

In and around the American zone (pictorial), p. [37]

The "Ivy" fourth division (pictorial), pp. [38]-[39]

"Batter up" (pictorial), p. [40]

Woman's role today, Buttenwieser, Benjamin J. pp. 41-44

Youth's greatest opportunity, McCloy, John J. pp. 45-47

Exports again top imports, Cefaratti, A. J. pp. 48-50

Personnel notes, pp. 51-52

German cartoons, pp. 53-54

Calendar of coming events, pp. 55-56

In and around Germany, pp. [57]-58

Washington report, pp. 59-65

Settlement of German debts, pp. 66-68

Newly-enacted laws, pp. 69-74

Official notices, p. 75

Regulations, directives, publications, documents, pp. 76-[77]


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