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Information bulletin


Information bulletin
Frankfurt, Germany: Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany Office of Public Affairs, Public Relations Division, APO 757, US Army, September 1950

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Table of contents, p. [1]

HICOG housing project nears completion (pictorial), p. [2]

Internationalism builds better schools, Read, James Morgan pp. 3-4

Communist press in West Germany, Cox, F. Gardner, Jr. pp. 5-7

ERP housing project for refugees (pictorial), pp. [8]-[9]

Declaration of rights of displaced persons, p. 10

Midway on the main, Vogel, Leroy; Rhoades, Hillard Anthony pp. 11-14

Europa union plebiscites, Siebens, Allen C. pp. [15]-18

Congress for cultural freedom, von Eckardt, Wolf pp. 19-23

Soviets delay repatriation of POW's, p. 24

America is different, Grohe, Friedrich G. K. pp. 25-29

"Ein Glas Milch, bitte!", pp. 30-32

Child guidance, Mahoney, Haynes pp. 33-34

"Spontaneous" east-zone protests exposed, p. 35

ERP caravan (pictorial), pp. [36]-[37]

Hesse to combat intolerance, p. 38

"Reverence for life", McCloy, John J. pp. [39]-40

Farmers from America, Kriegsmann, Trudy pp. [41]-[42]

US press cites fraud in communist "peace petition", pp. 43-44

Settlement of bizonal fusion agreement, pp. 45-46

Penicillin plant dedicated, p. [47]

Berlin industrial fair (pictorial), pp. [48]-[50]

Preservation of democracy, Gross, Charles P. pp. 51-52

Objective: friendship, Shuster, George N. pp. 53-54

Practicing the golden rule, Jeffs, Charles R. pp. 55-[58]

Germans jolted, but morale stable, pp. [59]-60

Washington report, p. 61

Calendar of coming events, pp. 62-64

West German steel industry, pp. 65-71

Personnel notes, pp. 72-75

Economic review, pp. 76-78

Tale of the potato bug (survey), pp. 79-80

Frankfurt stopover (pictorial), p. 81

Occupation log, pp. [82]-87

German opinion in editorials and cartoons, pp. 88-93

Official notices, pp. 94-95

Regulations, directives, publications, documents, pp. 96-[97]


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