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Information bulletin


Information bulletin
Frankfurt, Germany: Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany Office of Public Affairs, Public Relations Division, APO 757, US Army, November 1950

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[Cover] Information bulletin: monthly magazine of the office of US high commissioner for Germany

Table of contents, pp. [1]-[2]

New accent on youth, Mahoney, Haynes R. pp. 3-[6]

East side, west side, all around Berlin, Hoffman, Paul G. pp. [7]-8

New industrial habits for old, Murnaghan, Francis D., Jr. pp. 9-11

George C. Marshall house (pictorial), pp. 12-[13]

Trade unionism growing, p. 14

Labor-movement pattern, Brown, Harvey W. pp. [15]-18

Need for immunization, de Forest, W. R.; Volk, V. K. pp. 19-20

Women's responsibilities, pp. 21-24

Little Michel's fear, Konopka, Gisela pp. 25-26

Teachers go back to school, pp. 27-30

Finding dollar markets, Buttenwieser, Benjamin J. pp. 31-32

The Talmud returns, Quinn, Bernard pp. [33]-35

World's students talk things over (pictorial), pp. [36]-[37]

The press replies, p. 38

New status of Germany, McCloy, John J. pp. 39-40

The international situation and Germany, Adenauer, Konrad pp. 41-42

Germany's civil service, Gross, Charles P. pp. 43-45

German experts study US tax system, p. 46

Second RO's conference, p. [47]

Freedom bell, Bennett, Lowell pp. [48]-[50]

Historical studies of the occupation, pp. [51]-53

Medical mission (pictorial), pp. 54-56

Germany's need for ERP aid, pp. 57-[62]

Washington report, pp. 63-[64]

Calendar of coming events, p. 65

Personnel notes, pp. 66-[67]

Economic review, pp. 68-69

Occupation log , pp. [70]-75

German cartoons, pp. 76-79

Young visitors from America (pictorial), pp. [80]-84

Tasks for the coming year, McCloy, John J. pp. [85]-87

Moral and material resistance, Francois-Poncet, Andre pp. 88-[93]

Official notices, pp. 94-95

Regulations, directives, publications, documents, pp. 96-[97]


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