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Information bulletin


Information bulletin
Frankfurt, Germany: Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany Office of Public Affairs, Public Relations Division, APO 757, US Army, March 1950

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[Cover] Information bulletin: monthly magazine of the office of US high commissioner for Germany

Table of contents, p. [1]

[Stuttgart US information center], p. [2]

German refugees and expellees, Swope, Guy J. pp. [3]-6

Allied watch on the Rhine, Mahoney, Haynes pp. 7-11

[ERP exhibition], pp. [12]-14

Agricultural outlook, Garnett, Gwynn pp. 15-[16]

Germany calling overseas, Ryals, John D. pp. 17-[18]

Distorting German history, Kempner, Robert M. W. pp. 19-20

Reactions to Stuttgart speech, pp. 21-[22]

Dateline: Germany, pp. 23-29

Democratization of education, Ehard, Hans p. 30

Power of public forums, McKay, Ellis H. pp. 31-32

Medical associations, Goldmann, Franz pp. 33-34

Youth and civic responsibility, p. [35]

Voluntary assistance for displaced persons, Miles, Aileen pp. [36]-40

Women in industry, pp. 41-42

HICOG in January, pp. 43-44

East zone government, Cox, Henry B. pp. [45]-46

Control by Politburo, Element, Berlin pp. 47-52

OLCWB state seminar for resident officers, Headrich, Cecil pp. 53-57

Public politically inert, p. 58

International university theater, Hahn, Herman pp. 59-61

Democracy in Munich, pp. 62-64

Text of high commissioner's speeches, McCloy, John J. pp. 65-72

Personnel notes, pp. 73-75

Occupation log, pp. 76-81

Fire alert, pp. 82-83

Way of democracy , Ehard, Hans p. 84

German editorials, pp. 85-90

Official notices, pp. 91-[97]

[Cover] March

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