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Information bulletin


Information bulletin
Frankfurt, Germany: Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany Office of Public Affairs, Public Relations Division, APO 757, US Army, December 1950

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[Cover] Information bulletin: monthly magazine of the office of US high commissioner for Germany

Table of contents, p. [1]

[RIAS, the truth crusader], Miles, Aileen S. pp. [2]-6

Berlin, Christmas 1950, Froistad, Wilmer pp. [7]-8

Santa in blue, Stong, Josephine J. pp. 9-10

Leadership training for youth, Mahoney, Haynes R. pp. [11]-[14]

An old farming custom, McKee, J. E. pp. [15]-16

The Sonthofen case, Schadde, Alfred T. pp. [17]-20

Man's passions and prejudices, Menuhin, Yehudi pp. 21-22

A boost for trade, Welty, Fred pp. 23-[24]

The Christmas shooters, Schoening, Everett W. pp. 25-[26]

Free artists in free Berlin, McKnight, Eline pp. 27-30

From huts to houses, Gourge, Alfred pp. 31-[32]

Co-determination, keystone of labor union policy, White, Lloyd pp. 33-36

Seeds of understanding, Caldwell, William J. pp. 37-38

An art lover's tour, Leitermann, Heinz pp. [39]-[41]

World's oldest stained-glass windows, von Witzleben, Elisabeth pp. [42 and 43]-[48]

A lesson to learn, Kaisen, Wilhelm pp. [49]-[50]

Resident officers' bible, Vadney, George pp. 51-52

An international aspect, McCloy, John J. pp. 53-[57]

Personnel notes, pp. 58-59

Royalty lends a hand, p. [60]

Faith--barrier to tyranny, Shuster, George N. pp. 61-62

Economy of Berlin, Taylor, Maxwell pp. [63]-65

Economic review, pp. 66-68

Calendar of coming events, p. 69

Occupation log, pp. 70-78

German cartoons , p. 79

Washington report, pp. 80-82

Official notices, p. 83

Regulations, directives, publications and documents, pp. 84-[85]


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