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Information bulletin


Information bulletin
No. 161
Berlin, Germany: Office of Military Government for Germany (U.S.), Control Office, APO 742, US Army, May 1949

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[Cover] Information bulletin: magazine of US military government in Germany


Table of contents, p. [1]

President Truman lauds General Clay's work, Truman, Harry S. p. 2

Institute of public affairs, Glaser, Kurt pp. 3-4

Formula for peace--military security board, Hodges, James P. pp. 5-6

New horizons in education--Conference at Chiemsee, Muelder, Milton E. pp. 7-8

Employee utilization--a new personnel approach, Lutzeier, Paul G. pp. 9-10

Insult law--gives special protection to officials, pp. 11-12

Civil service reform--assurance of democratic opportunity, Jeffs, Charles R. pp. 13-14

Practicing democracy, Birkelbach, Willy pp. 15-16

Jedermann program--shoes, clothes for every man, p. 17

Personnel changes are announced, pp. 18-19

Danube bridge at Ingolstadt is reopened, p. 19

Polish DP's return home (pictorial), p. 20

High commission--agreement for tripartite controls, pp. 21-22

Press and radio comments, p. 23

"Operations showers" (pictorial), pp. [24]-[25]

Occupation activities, pp. 26-28

US zone activities (pictorial), p. 29

Text of occupation statute for West Germany, p. 30

Editorial opinion in German press, pp. 31-32

Report on Germany--part 4: European recovery program, pp. 33-34

Report on Germany--part 5: food for the occupied areas, pp. 34-37

Potsdam to Bonn-chronology of political development, pp. 38-42

Bonn as capital--chosen by parliamentary council, pp. 43-45

Excerpts from official instructions, announcements, pp. 46-47

Regulations, directives, publications, documents, p. [48]

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