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Information bulletin


Information bulletin
No. 159
Berlin, Germany: Office of Military Government for Germany (U.S.), Control Office, APO 742, US Army, April 1949

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[Cover] Information bulletin: magazine of US military government in Germany


Table of contents, p. [1]

Occupational activities, p. 2

Democratizing textbooks--efforts to erase nationalism, Grace, Alonzo G. pp. 3-5

Hard coal industry continues climb, p. 6

Visit to United States--assurance of assistance, Reuter, Mayor Ernst pp. 7-8

Inland shipping--development of waterway transportation, Welty, Fred W. pp. 9-11

Personnel changes are announced, p. 12

MGO teaches democracy--reorientation at "grassroots", Clem, Harold J. pp. 13-14

New clothes from old--GYA girls' handicraft contest, Sorenson, Margaret p. 15

Operation "Essayons" (pictorial), pp. 16-17

Questions and answers, p. 18

Report on Germany--part 2: political, social development, pp. 19-22

US experts survey conditions in Germany, p. 22

Editorial opinion in the German press, pp. 23-24

Airlift to health--ailing Berlin children go West, pp. 25-26

Press and radio comment, pp. 27-28

US zone activities (pictorial), p. 29

OMGUS directive clarifies licensing procedures, p. 30

Excerpts from official instructions, announcements, p. 31

Regulations, directives, publications, documents, p. [32]

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