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Information bulletin


Information bulletin
No. 155
Berlin, Germany: Office of Military Government for Germany (U.S.), Control Office, APO 742, US Army, February 1949

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[Cover] Information bulletin: magazine of US military government in Germany: MG achievements of 1948


Table of contents, p. [1]

Occupational activities, p. 2

Achievements of Military government in 1948, Clay, Lucius D. pp. 3-4

Out of the rubble--program of reorientation, Grace, Alonzo G. pp. 5-6

Girl scouts--development in the US zone, p. 7

Export improvement noted by JEIA, p. 8

Cash awards offered for ideas, p. 8

Operation vittles--an American cook book, p. [9]

Germans pay import costs in D-marks, p. 10

Greater home rule--proposal offered Bavarians , Van Wagoner, Murray D. pp. 11-13

Personnel changes are announced, p. 14

Public opinion--freedom of thought in Bavaria, Schweizer, Albert C. pp. 15-18

Revival of German nationalism seen, p. 18

Editorial opinion in German press, pp. 19-21

Farm observers depart for United States, p. 22

Bremen parties given warning, p. 23

Industrial activity for December , p. 23

Marshall plan support rises, p. 24

Press and radio--report from United States, p. 25

Germans warned on hunting laws, p. 26

International unified travel code drafted, p. 26

Leuschner house--trade union center in Berlin, pp. 27-28

Educators plan US zone meeting, p. 29

German-American club organized, p. 29

Questions and answers, p. 30

Excerpts taken from official instructions, p. 31

Regulations, directives, publications, documents, p. [32]

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