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RIAS, Berlin


United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division
RIAS, Berlin
50 p. 31 cm.

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Table of contents, p. [1]

Background on RIAS, pp. 2-5

What people say about RIAS: the Western press, pp. 6-8

The Soviet German anti-RIAS campaigns, pp. 8-9

Anti-RIAS press campaign, pp. 9-10

RIAS spews poison, pp. 10-12

The sin of objectivism, pp. 12-13

Pure abuse, p. 13

Is listening to RIAS forbidden?, p. 14

Despite the risks, people listen, pp. 14-15

The Soviet Zone listeners, pp. 16-17

Comments from occupation groups, pp. 17-18

Response to special broadcasts, East and West: Soviet Zone concentration camps, p. 19

The Berlin May Day rally, 1950, pp. 19-20

The FDJ rally, Berlin, May 1950, p. 20

The police state, p. 21

The next step to German unity in freedom, p. 21

The communist collective contracts, pp. 21-22

The world youth festival, 1951, pp. 22-23

Minor campaign - (RIAS youth broadcast), pp. 23-24

FDP convention, p. 24

What RIAS says, p. 25

Broadcasts to the Soviet Zone, p. 25

Sample commentary by Martin Koch, pp. 25-28

Sample commentary by Mathias Walden, pp. 28-30

Warning service, pp. 30-31

Pinsel and Schnorchel, pp. 31-34

Sample commentary by Egon Bahr, pp. 35-36

A sample commentary by Heinz Frentzel, pp. 37-38

Economics commentary by Dr. Anton Schoepke, pp. 39-42

RIAS coverage of Bonn parlimentary affairs, p. 43

Liberation of prisoners attributed to RIAS broadcast, p. 44

Regularly scheduled programs of primarily political content: newscasts, p. 45

RIAS telephone news service, pp. 45-46

The Voice of America, p. 46

Special broadcasts for Soviet zone, pp. 46-47

Commentaries, p. 47

"Zeit im Funk", pp. 47-48

Berlin press review, p. 48

University programs - youth programs, p. 48

The parties speak - trade union broadcast, p. 49

Victims of Soviet concentration camps, p. 49

G√ľnter Neumann and his islanders, p. 49

MSA broadcasts - European hour, pp. 49-50

And today?, p. 50

For the teachers, p. 50

Weekly feature commentary, p. 50

The week in Bonn, p. 50

Report from the Berlin House of Represenatives, p. 50

Where the shoe pinches, p. 50

The freedom bell, pp. [51] ff.


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