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Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.


Berlin, Richard E., 1894-
Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.
[S. l.]: [s.n.], 1945?
111 p. ; 24 cm.

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In the European Theater of Operations : 22 July 1945 to 26 August 1945 : itinerary by Visitors Bureau, HQ. T.S.F.E.T. (Rear)

[Title page], p. [2 and 3]

Index of subjects: flights, scenes, interviews..., pp. 4-5

How the flight started, pp. 6-7

The diary begins, p. 7

Take-off from Washington, pp. 8-9

Stops in Maine and Newfoundland, pp. 9-10

To the Azores, pp. 11-12

Take-off for France, pp. 12-13

Arrival at Paris, pp. 13-15

G. I. revelations during hop to London, pp. 15-17

Conditions in London, pp. 17-19

A message to Honey, pp. 19-20

The British elections, pp. 20-23

In Paris again, pp. 23-24

The Petain trial, pp. 24-25

Re-deployment operations, pp. 26-27

Secrets of transport, pp. 27-29

Conquest of Antwerp...bridging the Rhine, pp. 29-31

Code words of the invasion, pp. 31-33

From Paris to Reims, pp. 33-34

Where the Nazis surrendered, p. 35

Visit to Le Havre , pp. 36-37

Shipping the boys home, pp. 37-39

Flying to Germany, pp. 39-40

Region of the "bulge"...bomb explodes, pp. 40-41

Entering Germany, pp. 41-42

Blonde children--Hitler's "Aryan race", pp. 42-43

Interview with Montgomery, pp. 44-45

Montgomery on battle of El Alamein, pp. 45-46

Monty admits he has memoirs, pp. 46-47

Displaced persons, pp. 47-48

Account of Potsdam conference, pp. 48-49

Through bad weather to Brussels, pp. 49-50

Sights in Antwerp, pp. 50-52

In Brussels and Bremen, pp. 52-53

American headquarters at Bremen, pp. 53-55

Rehabilitating steamship Europa, pp. 55-56

A crowded chapel, pp. 56-58

An army without hatred, pp. 58-59

Across North Germany to Copenhagen, p. 59

Slaughter of gestapo, p. 60

Sights in Copenhagen, pp. 60-63

Strafing on the flight back to Bremen, pp. 63-65

Russian conviviality, pp. 65-66

More fraternization talk, pp. 66-67

Scenes in Frankfurt, pp. 67-68

Newspapers and radio, pp. 68-69

Problem of displaced persons, pp. 69-70

Recaptured treasure, p. 71

Bad fogs to Berlin, pp. 71-74

What happened to Hitler, pp. 74-76

Russians in Berlin, pp. 76-78

Terrible conditions in Russian-held territory, pp. 78-81

More observations in Berlin, pp. 81-82

Coal and food famine, pp. 82-84

Take-off for Munich, pp. 84-85

With American boys in the Alps, pp. 85-86

Where Patton lived, p. 86

Scenes in Austria, pp. 86-87

Hitler's hideaway, pp. 87-88

Another Hitler abode, pp. 88-90

Concert in Salzburg, pp. 90-92

Horrors of Dachau prison camp, pp. 92-93

A cremation fraud, pp. 93-94

Visit to Cardinal Faulhauber, pp. 94-95

Hitler's beer hall, pp. 95-96

Human contacts in Munich, pp. 96-97

Over the Danube and Rhine to Paris, pp. 97-98

Flying from Paris to Naples, p. 98

Naples...Caserta...Rome, pp. 99-100

Audience with his holiness, pp. 101-104

Confidential chat with Count Umberta, pp. 104-105

An evening with the Italian cabinet, pp. 106-107

Travels around Rome, p. 108

Talks with generals in Paris, pp. 109-110

The flight home, pp. 110-111 ff.


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