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Volume II: The later Crusades, 1189-1311


Wolff, R. L.; Hazard, H. W., Editor
Volume II: The later Crusades, 1189-1311
(A History of the Crusades)
Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press, 1969

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[Cover], pp. i-iii

[Frontispiece], p. iv

[Title Page], pp. v-vi

[Epigraph], pp. vii-viii

Contents, pp. ix-x

Illustrations, p. xi

Maps, p. xii

Foreword, pp. xiii-xiv

Foreword to the second edition, pp. xv-xvi

Preface, pp. xvii-xviii

A note on transliteration and nomenclature, pp. xix-xxii

Abbreviations, pp. xxiii-xxiv

Volume II: The later Crusades, 1189-1311, p. 1

I: The Norman Kingdom of Sicily and the Crusades, pp. 2-43

II: The Third Crusade: Richard the Lionhearted and Philip Augustus, pp. 44-85

III: The Crusades of Frederick Barbarossa and Henry VI, pp. 86-122

IV: Byzantium and the Crusades, 1081-1204, pp. [unnumbered]-151

V: The Fourth Crusade, pp. 152-185

VI: The Latin Empire of Constantinople, 1204-1261, pp. 186-233

VII: The Frankish states in Greece, 1204-1311, pp. 234-275

VIII: The Albigensian Crusade, pp. 276-324

IX: The Children's Crusade, pp. 325-342

X: The political Crusades of the thirteenth century, pp. 343-375

XI: The Fifth Crusade, pp. 376-428

XII: The Crusade of Frederick II, pp. 429-462

XIII: The Crusade of Theobald of Champagne and Richard of Cornwall, 1239-1241, pp. 463-486

XIV: The Crusades of Louis IX, pp. 486-518

XV: The Crusader states, 1192-1243, pp. 519-555

XVI: The Crusader states, 1243-1291, pp. 556-598

XVII: The Kingdom of Cyprus, 1191-1291, pp. 599-629

XVIII: The Kingdom of Cilician Armenia, pp. 630-659

XIX: The Turks in Iran and Anatolia before the Mongol invasions, pp. 660-692

XX: The Aiyubids, pp. 693-714

XXI: The Mongols and the Near East, pp. 715-733

XXII: The Mamluk Sultans to 1293, pp. 734-758

Important dates and events, pp. 759-762

Gazetteer and note on maps, pp. 763-811

Index, pp. 812-871

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