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Volume I: The first hundred years


Baldwin, M. W., Editor
Volume I: The first hundred years
(A History of the Crusades)
Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press, 1969

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[Cover], pp. [i]-[iii]

[Frontispiece], p. [iv]

[Title Page], pp. [v]-[vi]

[Dedication], p. [vii]

[Epigraph], p. [viii]

Contents, pp. ix-x

Illustrations, p. xi

Maps, p. xii

Foreword, pp. xiii-xviii

Foreword to the second edition, pp. xix ff.

Preface, pp. xxi-xxiii ff.

A note on transliteration and nomenclature, pp. xxv-xxix ff.

Abbreviations, pp. xxxi ff.

Volume I: The first hundred years, p. [1]

I: Western Europe on the eve of the Crusades, pp. [2]-29

II: Conflict in the Mediterranean before the First Crusade, pp. [30]-[79]

III: The Caliphate and the Arab states, pp. [80]-98

IV: The Ismailites and the Assassins, pp. 99-[133]

V: The Turkish Invasion: the Selchukids, pp. [134]-176

VI: The Byzantine Empire in the eleventh century, pp. 177-219

VII: The Councils of Piacenza and Clermont, pp. 220-252

VIII: The First Crusade: Clermont to Constantinople, pp. 253-279

IX: The First Crusade: Constantinople to Antioch, pp. 280-[307]

X: The First Crusade: Antioch to Ascalon, pp. 308-341

XI: The Crusade of 1101, pp. [342]-367

XII: The foundation of the Latin states, 1099-1118, pp. 368-409

XIII: The growth of the Latin states, 1118-1144, pp. 410-447

XIV: Zengi and the fall of Edessa, pp. 448-462

XV: The Second Crusade, pp. 463-512

XVI: The career of Nur-ad-Din, pp. 513-527

XVII: The Latin states under Baldwin III and Amalric I, 1143-1174, pp. 528-561

XVIII: The rise of Saladin, 1169-1189, pp. 562-589

XIX: The decline and fall of Jerusalem, 1174-1189, pp. 590-621

Important dates and events, pp. 622-625

Gazetteer and note on maps, pp. 626-666

Index, pp. 667-707

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