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Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1892


United States. Office of Indian Affairs
Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1892
Washington, D.C.: G.P.O., [1892]
v. : fold. maps ; 23 cm.

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[Title page], pp. [I]-[II]

Contents, pp. III-IX ff.

Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, pp. 5-140

Appendix, pp. 141-[202]

Papers accompanying report of Commissioner of Indian Affairs, pp. 203-[204]

Reports of agents in Arizona, pp. 205-224

Reports of agents in California, pp. 225-230

Report of agent in Colorado, pp. 231-232

Reports of agents in Idaho, pp. 233-242

Reports of agents in Indian territory, pp. 243-263

Report of agent in Iowa, pp. 264-269

Report of agent in Kansas, pp. 269-275

Report of agent in Minnesota, pp. 275-279

Reports of agents in Montana, pp. 279-303

Reports of agents in Nebraska, pp. 304-319

Reports of agents in Nevada, pp. 319-328

Reports of agents in New Mexico, pp. 328-338

Report of agent in New York, pp. 338-347

Report of the agent in North Carolina, pp. 348-350

Reports of agents in North Dakota, pp. 350-370

Reports of agents in Oklahoma, pp. 370-409

Reports of agents in Oregon, pp. 409-426

Reports of agents in South Dakota, pp. 426-482

Report of agent in Utah, pp. 482-487

Reports of agents in Washington, pp. 487-511

Reports of agents in Wisconsin, pp. 512-521

Report of agent in Wyoming, pp. 521-525

Report of superintendent of Indian schools, pp. 526-599

Report of special agent, Indian school service, pp. 600-609

The care of Indian schools, pp. 610-618

Reports of supervisors of education, pp. 619-646

Reports of superintendents of schools, pp. 647-708

Indian legislation passed during the first session of the Fifty-second Congress, pp. 709-727

Proclamations, pp. 728-740

Decision of Supreme Court on validity of Indian conveyances, pp. 741-743

Agreement with Spokane Indians, pp. 743-745

Report of Commission to Crow Indians, pp. 746-748

Agreement with the Crow Indians, pp. 748-750

Constitution of the Seneca nation, pp. 751-754

Legal status of Indian allottees, pp. 755-756

Decision of Supreme Court of Michigan regarding taxation of certain Indians, pp. 756-759

Trust funds and trust lands, pp. 760-[765]

Statistics as to Indian schools during the year ended June 30, 1892, pp. 766-767-778-779

Schools under private control at which pupils were placed under contract with Indian Bureau and by special appropriation during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1892, pp. 780-783

Table relating to population, dress, intelligence, dwellings, and subsistence of Indians, together with religious, marital, vital, and criminal statistics, pp. 784-785-800-801

Table of statistics relating to area and cultivation of Indian lands, crops raised, stock owned by Indians, and miscellaneous products of Indian labor, pp. 802-803-816-817

List of all employés under the Indian Bureau, laws under which they are appointed, compensation paid, and services rendered, pp. 818-836

Names, whence appointed, positions, salaries per annum, and periods of service of employés of the government Indian schools during the fiscal year ended June 30, 1892, pp. 837-875

Executive orders relating to Indian reservations from October 17, 1891, to November 28, 1892, pp. 876-878

Indian school sites, pp. 879-897

Schedule showing the names of Indian reservations in the United States, agencies, tribes occupying or belonging to the reservation, area of each reservation (unallotted) in acres or square miles, and reference to treaty, law, or other authority by which reservations were established, pp. 898-899-910-911

Medical statistics of the United States Indian service for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1892, pp. 912-913-965

List of Indian agencies and independent schools, with post-office and telegraphic addresses of agents and superintendents, pp. 966-967-968-969

Addresses of commissioners and special agents, p. 970

Proposals received and contracts awarded in New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco, Cal., under advertisements of April 2 and May 18 and 24, 1892, for supplies, and transportation of same, for the Indian service, fiscal year 1893, pp. 971-[1212]

Supplies for the Pacific coast agencies, awarded in San Francisco, Cal., under advertisement of May 18, 1892, pp. 1213-1268

Index, pp. 1269-1294

Map showing Indian reservations within the limits of the United States

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