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Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1885


United States. Office of Indian Affairs
Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1885
Washington, D.C.: G.P.O., [1885]
v. : fold. maps ; 23 cm.

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[Title page]

Contents, pp. I-III ff.

Abstract of topics discussed in the report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, pp. [I]-[II]

Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, pp. [III]-[LXXIV]

Report of the Indian school superintendent, pp. [LXXV]-CCXXV ff.

[Reports of agents in Arizona], pp. 1-4

Reports of agents in California, pp. 4-14

Report of agent in Colorado, pp. 14-16

Reports of agents in Dakota, pp. 16-63

Reports of agents in Idaho, pp. 63-73

Reports of agents in Indian territory, pp. 73-108

Report of agent in Iowa, pp. 108-110

Report of agent in Kansas, pp. 110-113

Report of agent in Michigan, pp. 113-114

Report of agent in Minnesota, pp. 114-117

Reports of agents in Montana, pp. 117-135

Reports of agents in Nebraska, pp. 135-142

Reports of agents in Nevada, pp. 142-149

Reports of agents in New Mexico, pp. 149-159

Report of agent in New York, pp. 159-160

Report of agent in North Carolina, pp. 160-161

Reports of agents in Oregon, pp. 161-176

Reports of agents in Utah, pp. 176-182

Reports of agents in Washington territory, pp. 183-205

Reports of agents in Wisconsin, pp. 205-209

Report of agent in Wyoming territory, pp. 209-213

Report of Carlisle school, pp. 214-221

Report of Chilocco school, pp. 221-222

Report of Forest Grove school, pp. 222-225

Report of Genoa school, pp. 225-228

Report of Haskell institute, pp. 228-235

Report of the Hampton institute, pp. 235-254

Report of Albuquerque school, pp. 254-256

Report of Sitka school, pp. 256-263

Report of special agent on condition and needs of non-reservation Klamath Indians in California, pp. 264-268

Indian legislation passed during the second session of the Forty-eighth Congress, pp. 269-284

Trust funds and trust lands, pp. 285-290

The receipts and disbursements since November 1, 1884, as shown by the books of the Indian Office, on account of sales of Indian lands, are exhibited in the following statement, p. 291

Condition of certain state stocks, pp. 292-297

Statement showing the present liabilities of the United States to Indian tribes under treaty stipulations, pp. 298-299-302-303

Statement of disbursements made from the appropriation for the Indian Department for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1885, pp. 304-305-312-313

Statement of salaries and incidental expenses paid at each agency in the Indian service during the year ending June 30, 1885, showing the appropriations from which paid and the number of Indians at each agency, pp. 314-315-318-319

Statement showing number of patents for land issued to individuals of the several Indian tribes up to September 1, 1885, pp. 320-321

Executive orders relating to Indian reservations issued since October 3, 1884, pp. 322-323

Schedule showing the names of Indian reservations in the United States, agencies, tribes occupying or belonging to the reservation, area of each reservation in acres and square miles, and reference to treaty, law, or other authority by which reservations were established, pp. 324-325-[335]

Table of statistics relating to population of Indian tribes, civilization, allotments, houses, &c., pp. 336-337-354-355

Table of statistics showing labor performed by Indians, together with criminal, religious, and vital statistics, pp. 356-357-368-369

Table of statistics showing lands cultivated and crops raised on Indian reservations, pp. 370-371-380-381

Table giving miscellaneous products of Indian labor; also statistics as to stock on Indian reservations, pp. 382-383-395

Consolidated report of sick and wounded, United States Indian service, for the year 1885, pp. 396-397-402

List of Indian agencies and agents, with post-office and telegraphic addresses, pp. 407-408-409

Report of agent in New Mexico, pp. 410-411

Abstract of proposals received and contracts awarded in New York City, under advertisement of March 30, 1885, for furnishing supplies for the Indian service, pp. 412-413-646

Index, pp. 647-666

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