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Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1880


United States. Office of Indian Affairs
Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1880
Washington, D.C.: G.P.O., [1880]
v. : fold. maps ; 23 cm.

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Map showing Indian reservations in the United States and number of Indians belonging thereto, 1880

[Title page]

Contents, pp. [I]-III ff.

Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, pp. III-XLIX ff.

[Reports of agents in Arizona], pp. 1-7

Reports of agents in California, pp. 7-14

Reports of agents in Colorado, pp. 14-18

Reports of agents in Dakota, pp. 19-62

Reports of agents in Idaho, pp. 62-67

Reports of agents in Indian territory, pp. 67-96

Report of agent in Iowa, pp. 97-98

Report of agent in Kansas, pp. 98-101

Report of agent in Michigan, pp. 101-103

Report of agent in Minnesota, pp. 103-105

Reports of agents in Montana, pp. 105-116

Reports of agents in Nebraska, pp. 116-123

Reports of agents in Nevada, pp. 123-129

Reports of agents in New Mexico, pp. 129-[135]

Report of agent in New York, pp. [135]-137

Reports of agents in Oregon, pp. 137-150

Report of agent in Utah, pp. 150-153

Reports of agents in Washington territory, pp. 153-168

Reports of agents in Wisconsin, pp. 169-176

Report of agent in Wyoming, pp. 176-177

Report of school at Forest Grove, pp. 177-178

Report of school at Carlisle, pp. 178-182

Report of school at Hampton, pp. 182-185

Report of the joint committee of the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States, on the protection of Indians in their civil rights, pp. 185-188

Indian legislation by the second session of the Forty-sixth Congress, pp. 188-200

Proclamation against intruders in Indian territory, p. 201

Statement showing the present liabilities of the United States to Indian tribes under treaty stipulations, pp. 202-203-208

Trust funds and trust lands, pp. 209-220

Statement showing the appropriations, whether in accordance with treaty stipulations or otherwise, for the several Indian tribes and the Indian service, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1881; also the principal of bonds held in trust for Indian tribes by the treasurer of the United States, and of funds placed in the treasury of the United States to their credit, and the amount of interest annually arising from such bonds and funds, pp. 221-222-223

The receipts and disbursments since November 1, 1879, as shown by the books of this office, on account of sales of Indian lands, including receipts from sales made under the direction of the General Land Office, are exhibited in the following statement, p. 224

Executive orders affecting Indian reservations from January 6, 1880, to July 23, 1880, pp. 225-227

Schedule showing the names of Indian reservations in the United States, agencies, denomination nominating agents, tribes occupying or belonging to the reservation, area of each reservation in square miles and acres, and reference to treaty, law, or other authority by which reservations were established, pp. 228-229-236-237

Table of statistics relating to population, education, &c., by tribes and their respective agencies, pp. 238-239-256-257

Table showing agricultural improvements, stock, productions, and sources of subsistence of the different Indian tribes, pp. 258-259-274

Medical and vital statistics of the Indian tribes for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1880, pp. 275-276

Agreement with the Crows, p. 277

Agreement with Shoshones, Bannacks, and Sheepeaters, of Idaho, p. 278

Members of the board of Indian commissioners, with their post-office address, p. 279

List of Indian agencies assigned to the several religious denominations, p. 279

Indian inspectors, p. 279

Special Indian agents at large, p. 279

Schedule of Indian agencies; also list of agents, with post-office and telegraphic addresses, pp. 280-281-282

Contract tables, pp. 283-[386]

Index, pp. 387-405

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