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Surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan, World War II

Table of contents,   pp. III-IV

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Table of Contents
PART I. SURRENDER OF ITALY---------------3-35
Instrument of Armistice and Surrender, September 3,
Eisenhower (General), Italian surrender announcement,
September 8, 1943------------------------------6
Badoglio (Marshal), surrender announcement, Septem-
ber 8, 1943------------------------------------7
Fleet surrender instructions, September 8, 19437---------7
Disposition agreement, fleet and merchant marine,
September 23, November 17, 1943 (footnote)-------9
Statement of DeCourten (Admiral), November 17,
1943 (footnote)------------------------------9
Commentary on the Cunningham-DeCourten agree-
ment, November 6, 1945 (footnote)--------------9
Middle East surrender instructions, September 8, 1943-_  9
Roosevelt (President), Churchill (Prime Minister), joint
message to Italy, September 10, 1943---------------11
Additional Armistice conditions, September 29, Novem-
ber 9, 1943---------------------------------12
Eisenhower (General), letter to Marshal Badoglio
on signing the additional Armistice conditions,
September 29, 1943--------------------------27
Relaxation of Armistice terms, Aide-Memoire from the
Allied Commission, February 24, 1945------------29
Instrument of Surrender:
Holland, Denmark, May 4, 1945------------------39
Allies, Soviet High Command, May 7, 1945---------41
Allies, Red Army, May 8, 1945-------------------42
Eisenhower (General), Proclamation on German sur-
render, May 8, 1945---------------------------44

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