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Information bulletin
(January 1952)

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Personnel Notes
Deputy Director for Berlin Element Named
Appointment of David M. Maynard, of Claremont,
Calif., as deputy director of HICOG's Berlin Element
was announced recently.
A member of the US Foreign Service since 1941,
Dr. Maynard was last assigned as counselor for economic
.    r.  I _  Ad  - =  T C -l.
atlairs to the uS Embassy
in Athens. Prior to tha' as-
signment, he held Foreign
Service posts in Tokyo,
Japan; Bern, Switzerland
and Lima, Peru.
Dr. Maynard, 51, served
as an instructor at Yench-
ing University in Peking,
China, from 1922-24, and
also  was   professor  of
political science at Lake
Forest College in Illinois
from 1927-30. He was a
member of the League of
Nations   secretariat  in
Geneva in 1926, and di-
rector of the   American      David M. Maynard.
Committee in Geneva in            (PRB BE-HICOG photo)
the summers of 1927, 1928 and 1929.
Following a three-year tour of service, from 1930 to
1933, as assistant trade commissioner for the Department
of Commerce in Hongkong, Dr. Maynard was named
regional director of research with the Federal Relief
Administration, remaining in that post until 1940. Sub-
sequently he served as administrative consultant with
the US Bureau of the Budget.
Official Studies German Civil Service
Christopher 0. Henderson, chief of training in the
Personnel Department of the Department of Agriculture
in Washington, recently visited Berlin for a week of
consultation and discussions with German civil service
officials and educators in the field of civil service training.
Mr. Henderson is spending three and a half months in
Germany as a HICOG consultant on civil service problems.
Of special interest to Mr. Henderson are preparatory
and in-service methods of training. "While it is impor-
tant to have in-training opportunities and civil service
training at the university level," he said, "it is also
very important that the younger student receive related
courses which might prepare him for more intensive
later training for taking his place as a competent public
Mr. Henderson declared that he had found "deep
interest in Germany concerning the training of future
public servants."
New Regional Public Affairs Office
A regional public affairs office has been organized
within the framework of the Frankfurt US Consulate-
General and in line with regroupment of personnel and
functions between US state commissions and US con-
sular offices in Germany.
Max R. Grossman, former professor of journalism and
director of the division of journalism at Boston Uni-
versity, heads the regional office, and Paul G. Lutzeier,
former Public Affairs Division deputy chief for the Office
of the US State Commissioner for Hesse, is deputy head.
Two broad areas of activities will be carried on by the
regional public affairs offices: cultural affairs and in-
formation services. Acting head of the cultural affairs
staff in Frankfurt is Dr. Eugene R. Fair, former Education
Branch chief for OLC Hesse. Acting senior information
official is Glenn R. Parson, former News Branch chief of
HICOG's Public Relations Division.
American regional public affairs offices in Germany will
function along lines of the US Information and Education
Exchange Program (USIE) operated by Foreign Service
posts in other countries. Activities will include admini-
stration of the cultural exchanges program, operation of
US Information Centers, conducting a cultural film pro-
gram, providing informational materials to the German
press and radio, and maintaining liaison with German
civic and educational groups.
Religious Adviser EUCOM Speaker
Miss Mabel Parsons, religious education adviser of the
EUCOM Chaplain Division, recently conducted a series
of talks throughout the European Command as a phase
of the religious education program instituted by the
In January, Miss Parsons began conducting workshops
in leadership training for Sunday school teachers at
various military posts throughout the US Zone.
Health Head Returns to US
Dr. Charles H. Benning, since 1946 chief of the Public
Health and Welfare Branch, OLC Hesse, has returned to
the United States to assume a consultant's position with
the Department of the Air Force.
A preventive-medicine specialist and veteran public
servant, Dr. Benning has held positions with the US
Public Health Service, as well as with parallel state
organizations in Michigan, Illinois and Oklahoma. Dur-
ing World War I, he served as a captain with the
Canadian Army Medical Corps.                +END

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