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Information bulletin
(June 1951)

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Calendar of Coming Events
June 25 to July 31, 1951
CURRENT (with closing dates)
July 1 - Muelheim/Ruhr (NRW): 1951 festi-
val youth plays.
July 1 - Frankfurt (Hes): International So-
ciety for Modern Music, international
July 29- Recklinghausen (NRW): Ruhr
festival plays.
July 31 -Bogchum (NRW): Mininig Museum,
art and mining exposition.
End of July - Cololgne (NRW): Exposition
of portraits and modern paintings.
End of July - Bremen: Art exposition,
Eugene Delacroix.
End of July-Darmstadt (Hes)-: Exposition
of modern French graphic art.
End of July - Feuchtwangen (Bav): Openair
plays in Romanesque Cloister.
Aug. 12 - Cologne (NRW): Health exposi-
Aug. 18 - Marburg (Hes): Marburg festival
plays; openair plays on Schlossberg.
End of August - Kassel (Hes): Wilhelms-
hoehe festival plays, Kassel State Thea-
End of August - Munich (Bav): Art ex-
position (Meistermann, Fritz Winter, Ma-
tisse and M. Beckmann).
End of August -Cologne (NRW): Art ex-
position: Stepihan Lochner; French graph-
ics art from Manet to Picasso.
End of August - Kempten (Bav): Openair
plays at Burghalde.
End of August - Hanover (LS): Art ex-
position, German expressionism.
Sept. 5 - Isle of Mainau/Lake Constance
(SB): Serenade in palace court.
Sept. 10 -Augsburg (Bav): Openair opera
and operette performances at Red Gate.
Sept. 24-Mainz (RP): "In the Realm of
Script," exposition of 2,000 years of de-
Sept. 30 - Billerbeck (NRW): Openair play.
Sept. 30 - Schliersee (Bav): Native play
Sept. 30 -Berlin: 1951 German art exposi-
End of September - Prien (Bav): Art ex-
position on Herren and Frauen Islands.
End of September - Borkum (North Sea Is-
land): Concerts, every Monday.
End of September - Burg/Wupper (NRW):
Openair festival plays at castle.
End of September - Reutlingen (WB): Nat-
ural Theater, openair plays.
Oct. 15 - Fuerth (Bav): "Foliage and Blos-
soms," gardening show.
Oct. 31 - Hanover (LS): 1951 German
Federal Garden Show; exhibition of an-
cient Lower Saxony sacred art and to-
day's Geirman sculptors.
Oct. 31 - Freiburg (SB): Upper Rhine art
June 16-July 29- Recklinghausen (NRW):
Exposition of European artists of 1900.
June 18-30 - Wuppleirtal (NRW): West Ger-
man Theater Association and Theater
Society, North Rhine-Westphalian meet-
ing; 30th anniversary of people's theater.
June 20-30 - Goettingen (LS): 1951 Handel
June 20-30 - Bad Neuenahr (RP): German
Shakespearean  Society; North-Rhine-
Westphalian Shakespearean week.
June 20-July 1 - Dinslaken (NRW): Native
exposition week; openair plays.
June 22-July 1 - Frankfurt (Hes): Interna-
tional Society for Modern Music; 25th
international music festival.
June 23-25 - Kueps/Upper Franconia (Bav):
800th anniversary.
June 23-25-Fuerth/Odenwald (WB): St.
John's fair; pageants; Handel concert.
June 23-25 - Leichlingen (NRW): Straw-
berry festival.
June 23-30 - Wuerzburg (Bav): Mozart
June 23-July 1 - Mainz (RP): Gutenberg
Week, exposition.
June 23-July 1 - Kitzingen (Bav): 1,200th
June 23-July 1 - Wesermuende (LS): Sail-
ing regattas.
June 23-July 10 -Darmstadt (Hes): Inter-
national modern music holiday courses.
June 23-Aug. 18 - Marburg (Hes): 1951
festival plays.
June 24-25 - Wuppertal (NRW): Centen-
nial of Shoemaker's Guild.
June 24-28 - Frankfurt (Hes): Association
of Sewing Machine Trades, meeting and
June 24-28-Aschaffenburg (Bav): St. John's
June 24-28 - Bayreuth (Bav): Franconian
festival week.
June 24-30 - Berlin: Industrial exposition
of fire-brigade equipment.
June 24-30 - Wilhelmshaven (LS): Acad-
emy for Medical Education, convention.
June 24-July 1 -Lauda/Baden (WB): 600th
June 24-July 1- Hamburg: Derby Week.
June 30-July 2 - Harxheim (RP): Vintners'
June 30-July 2 - Hoexter (NRW): Outdoor
folk festival.
June 30-July 8 - Darmstadt (Hes): "Old
Darmstadt" exposition.
June 24-Aug. 4-Aachen (NRW): Exposi-
tion of sacred art.
June 24-Sept. 16 - Hessen (NRW): Openair
Westphalian native plays.
June 25-26 - Cologne (NRW): Symphony
concert; Elly Ney, piano; G. Wand, con-
June 26 - Bad Salzuflen (Hes): Concert;
Peter Anders, tenor.
June 27 - Biberach/Riss (WB): Upper Swa-
bian tennis tournament.
June 27-28 - Brunswick (LS): Liturgical
Committee, convention.
June 28 - Bad Kissingen (Bav): Concert;
Peter Anders, tenor.
June 28 -Heidelberg (WB): Serenades in
Palace court.
June 28-30 - Goslar (LS): Athletic youth
camp, district of Brunswick.
June 28-July 1 - Vlotho (NRW): 110th
anniversary of singers' union.
June 28-July 3 -Frankfurt (Hes): Inter-
national Socialists' congress.
June 28-July 1 - Bad Wimpfen (WB): Val-
ley mart, outdoor folk festival.
June! 28-July 2 - Muenster (NRW): Send
auf dem Domplatz, outdoor folk festival.
June 29 - Huefingen/Black Forest (WB):
Church festival; costume pageant.
June 29 - St. Peter (SB): St. Peter and Paul
Mart; costume pageant.
June' 29-July 1 - Zell/Moselle (RP): St.
Peter and Paul outdoor folk festival.
June 29-July 1 - Beratzhausen (RP): Out-
door folk festival.
June 29-July 1 - Wuppertal (NRW): Horse
show with tests; riding, jumping an driv-
ing tournament.
June 29-July 2- Augsburg (Bav): German
goldsmiths' 1951 convention; exposition
until end of July.
June 29-July 4 - Pirmasens (RP): "Shoe
and Leather," industrial exhibition.
June 29-July 10 - Kaiserslautern (RP): "Pa-
latinate,'Land and Labour," annual show.
June 29-July 12- Aachen (NRW): "The
Joiner in the Border Country," exposition.
June 30 - Goettingen (LS): Numismatolo-
gist's meeting.
June 30 - Heidelberg (WB): Sacred music
by Danish students.
June 30- Essen (NRW): Lower Rhine light
athletic and boxing championships.
June 30-July 1 - Cologne (NRW): Federal
meeting of Association of German Sub-
sidiary Schools.
June 30-July 1 - Krefeld (NRW): North
Rhine men's tailors' meeting and expo-
June 30-July 1 - Luebeck (SH): Schleswig-
Holstein Football Association, meeting.
June 30-July 2- Melsungen (Hes): County
animal show.
June 30-July 1 - Herrsching (Bav): County
singing festival; Regensburg Domspatzen
(Boys' choir).
June 30-July 1 - Edenkoben (RP): 10th an-
niversary, Athletic Union.
June 30-July 1 - Frankfurt (Hes): Rowing
June 30-July 1 - Marburg (Hes): German
kayak, slalom and canoe championships.
June 30-July 1 - Flensburg (SH): Sailing
regattas on Foerde.
June 30-July 1 - Coburg (Bav): Riding and
driving tournament.
June 30-July 1 -Trier (RP): German-French
riding tournament.
June 30-July 1 - Gladbach (NRW): Roller-
skatingiand roller-skatinghockeymatches.
June 30-July 1 - Cologne (NRW): National
handball tournament.
June 30-July 1 . Reit im Winkl (Bav):
Native costume festival with show of
Bavaria and Tirolian costumes.
June 30-July 1 -Wiesbaden (Hes): Meeting
of Karisbad natives; Kurgarten party.
June 30-July 1 - Klotten/Moselle (RP):
Wine blossom festival; wine mart.
June 30-July 2-Cologne (NRW): North-
west German Association for Medical
Assistance, congress.
June 30-July 2-Lahr/Black Forest (WB):
Musical Union, 80th anniversary.
JUNE    1951
Key to the state abbreviations In
Bav - Bavaria.
Hes - Hesse.
LS - Lower Saxony.
NRW - North Rhine-Westphalia.
RP - Rhineland-Palatinate.
SB - South Baden.
SH - Schleswig-Holstein.
WB - Wuerttemberg-Baden.
WN - Wuerttemberg-Hohenzollern.

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