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Information bulletin
(June 1951)

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Personnel Notes
Cattier Resigns; Harris to Succeed
Jean Cattier has resigned as chief of the ECA Special
Mission to Western Germany and director of the HTCOG
Office of Economic Affairs, positions which he has held
since last October. He will
be succeeded about July 1
by Michael S. Harris, pres-
ently chief of the ECA
Special Mission to Sweden.
In replying to Mr. Cat-
tier's letter of resignation,
US High Commissioner
John J. McCloy wrote:
"There are few, if any, who
have made a greater con-
tribution than you have to
the development of the
German economy and fi-
nancial structure."
Mr. Cattier, a New York
i l - e -tkel I~ ll e, pidllS ~
Michael S. Harris.    to return to private life.
In announcing the ap-
pointment of Mr. Harris, Ambassador Milton Katz, US
special representative in Europe, said the new ECA chief
in Western Germany "has gained intimate knowledge
of Europe's economic prob-
lems during his two years
-O   an  A   Tfl;-;A - ;A  ;-     .' 1
-a -- --- IVi~iJI- -~~X
Sweden and his prior ex-
jperience as the first labor
adviser to the ECA Mis-
sion in France."
Prior to World War II
the 34-year-old appointee
served as district director
and member of the Inter-
national Executive Board,
United  Steelworkers  of
America. From 1943 to 1944,
Mr. Harris was president
of the Philadelphia Con-
.a.e.s.of Industrial Ora--
izations' (CIO) Industrial   (Photo by Jacoby PRO HICOG)
Union Council, a position
to which he returned following war service in the Pa-
cific. He also has served as a member of the Regional
War Labor Board and Advisory Committee, War Man-
power Commission, Philadelphia region; as a member of
the advisory committee to the Coordinator of Inter-
American Affairs, and as consultant to the War Produc-
tion Board.
Lt. Gen Lucian K. Truscott, Jr., (US Army, relired).
(Photo by Jacoby, PRD HICOG)
General Truscott Joins HICOG
Lt. Gen. Lucian K. Truscott, Jr., (US Aimy, retired),
has joined the staff of HICOG as coordinator and advisor
for military security, defense organization and public
General Truscott, born in Chatfield, Tex., in 1895, was
commanding general of the Third Army, in the US Zone
of Germany in 1945 and 1946. Before that he was com-
manding general, Third Infantry Division, in North Africa,
Sicily and Italy in 1943-44, and commanding general,
Fifth Army, in Italy in 1944-45.
Egan, Kaghan Assume New Posts
The appointments of W. J. Convery Egan as chief of the
Public Affairs Division, Berlin Element, HICOG, and of
Theodore Kaghan as chief of Information Services Divi-
sion, Office of Public Affairs, HICOG, have been an-
Mr. Egan joined HICOG as deputy chief of Information
Services Division in November 1949 and was appointed
chief of ISD in February 1950. A native of Trenton, N. J.,
Mr. Egan was a newspaper reporter and editor for
several years before joining the Department of State in
1942. He has been a public affairs officer with the Foreign
Service in South America; assistant chief in charge of
Film Operations, International Motion Picture Division,
and deputy director of the Office of International Infor-
mation, State Department.
Mr. Kaghan came to HICOG as deputy chief of ISD in
February 1950, after serving as news operations officer
of the Information Services Branch in Austria, editor of
the US German language newspaper Wiener Kurier, and
JUNE 1951

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