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Information bulletin
(September 1950)

Vogel, Leroy; Rhoades, Hillard Anthony
Midway on the main,   pp. 11-14 PDF (2.4 MB)

Page 11

Continuing Experiment in Exchange of Professors
between Chicago and Frankfurt Universities Creates
Midway on the Main
Chief, Education and Cultural Affairs Branch, Public Affairs Division, OLC
Chief, Public Relations Branch, Public Affairs Division, OLC Hesse
BACK IN 1889, John D. Rockefeller gave a group of
public spirited Chicagoans $600,000, on condition they
raise an additional $400,000. Marshall Field 'gave the same
group a tract of land known as the Midway Plaisance on
the South Side of Chicago. Thus, under the presidency
of William Rainey Harper, former professor of Hebrew
at Yale University, that great pioneer in American higher
education, was born the University of Chicago.
Today, under the active guidance of Robert Maynard
Hutchins, the "University on the Midway" is continuing
its pioneering in the field of higher education. One of its
really great, if unheralded, experiments is its professor
exchange program with Wolfgang Goethe University,
located in Frankfurt on the Main (pronounced "mine")
During the war, many American educators spoke of
"adopting" European universities. Shortly after the war,
Chancellor Hutchins did just that. Acting upon the re-
commendations made by Robert J. Havinghurst, professor
of education at the University of Chicago, who personally
investigated European college and universities, the Uni-
versity at Chicago decided to adopt the University at
The decision was made because both institutions of
advanced learning are relatively young, noted for liberal
leadership, willing to try educational experiments, and
have excellent reputations for graduate study. Thus the
Midway came to the Main in April 1948.
IN COLLABORATION with the Rockefeller Foundation,
I the program was started. The Foundation pays all
expenses, including travel and upkeep in Frankfurt, for
five to eight professors. The University pays the salaries
of the exchange professors and those of their replace-
ments on the University faculties.
The first group to go from the Midway to the Main
consisted of Louis L.Thurstone, professor of psychology;
Thelma Thurstone, research associate in psychology;
Dean Louis Gottschalk and his wife, hosts of Chicago House at Frankfurt University,
entertain (in center at left) Mrs.
Betty Vogel and Dr. Leroy Vogel, co-author of this article. Right, co-author
"Tony" Rhoades interviews Dr. Gottschalk.

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