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Information bulletin
No. 159 (April 19, 1949)

Personnel changes are announced,   p. 12 PDF (489.6 KB)

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Brig. Gen. Frank L. Howley, director of OMG Berlin Sector and commandant
of the US Sector of Berlin, receives the star of his new rank from General
Lucius D. Clay, US Military Governor for Germany and commander-in-chief
of the European Command.                                   (uS Army photo)
Personnel Changes are Announced
Col. John M. Raymond, director of
the Legal Division, OMGUS, for the
past year, returned to the United
States for retirement after 32 years of
military service. He had been with
Military Government since 1944. His
home is in Washington, D. C.
Prof. William E. McCurdy, now on
leave from Harvard University where
he is professor of law, has been
named acting director of the Legal
Division, OMGUS. He had been asso-
ciate director for the past year and
previously was chief of the Legal Ad-
vice Branch.
Lt. Col. George H. Garde, adjutant
general of OMGUS since March 1946,
returned to Washington for new
duties with the Department of the
Army. He has spent 21 years in mili-
tary service. His mother resides in
St. Johnsbury, Vt.
Mr. Douglas M. Clarke, chief of the
Highway Equipment Branch, BICO,
for the past year, has moved to
Geneva, Switzerland, to assume new
duties as highway transportation ad-
viser for the Economic Commission
for Europe. His home is in Fenton,
Col. H. R. Booth, assistant inspector
general, CINCEUR, since March 1947,
has left Berlin for a new assignment
on the staff of the Inspector General
in Washington. His mother resides in
Denver, Colo.
Mr. Jesse   W. Callahan, former
member of the Dallas, Texas, police
oepartment, nas
been named chief
of  the   Public
Safety Branch,
OMG Hesse, to
succeed Mr. Hu-
bert I. Teitelbaum
who recently re-
turned  to  the
United States. Mr.
Callahan hasbeen
with Military Go-
vecrnment sinc
J. W. Callaham.  -         --
Mr. George D. Hecht has been ap-
pointed chief of the US Information
Center in Wiesbaden. Previous to his
appointment he taught at the Euro-
pean Command Intelligence School at
Oberammergau, Bavaria.
Awards Presented
For Special Work
Mr. Joseph A. Horne received an
award from the Netherlands govern-
ment in appreciation for his services as
a member of the OMG Hesse Property
Division. Mr. Horne assisted in the
return and restitution of objects of
art, which the Nazis had looted form
the Netherlande government and its
citizens. He is now chief of the Amer-
ican Information Center in Frankfurt.
Maj Gen. Charles P. Gross, director
of OMG Wuerttemberg-Baden, pres-
ented on behalf of the European
Command the Medal of Freedom with
bronze palm to Mr. Guillaume Wid-
mer, military  governor  of South
Wuerttemberg in the French Zone of
Occupation. General Gross also pres-
ented the Medal of Freedom to Mr.
Jean Henri Gerville-Reache, chief of
the  French   Liaison  Mission  to
The citation for Mr. Widmer stated
that he exhibited "utmost patience,
fidelity, understanding and resource"
in coordinating French and US policy
on problems arising from the division
of Wuerttemberg and Baden as parts
of the French and US occupation
zones. Mr. Reache was also cited for
contributing to the solution of "a
variety of delicate problems" arising
from the division of the two states.
Sgt. Gabrial Hendricks, chief of the
Court Transcript and Mimeograph
Branches, Reproduction Division, Of-
fice of the Chief of Council for War
Crimes in Nuremberg, has been
awarded the Army Commendation
Ribbon  for  "meritorious  achieve-
Sergeant Hendricks was cited for
his "exceptionally fine spirit and in-
defatigable industry"  in  his  war
crimes position from Dec. 1, 1946, to
Aug. 1, 1948. At the peak of the war
crimes trial his office produced Ger-
man and English transcripts simul-
taneously for six trials.
Court transcripts for the 12 cases
tried before US Military Tribunal
total 132,835 pages and 33,213,750
words of English text. In German
text the transcripts contain 133,416
pages and 33,354,000 words.
INFORMATION BULLETIN                               12
APRIL 19, 1949

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