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Information bulletin
No. 146 (October 19, 1948)

Personnel changes announced,   p. 30 PDF (556.1 KB)

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Mr. Samuel Kramer, consultant to
the director of the Legal Division,
OMGUS, has been named legal
counsel to the Committee on Tripar-
tite Military Government Organization,
US Element, CINCEUR (see Informa-
tion Bulletin, No. 139, July 13, 1948).
Mr. F. C. Kempner, who has been
special assistant to the economics
adviser, OMGUS, has been appointed
special assistant to the director gene-
ral, JETA.
Dr. C. H. Hammer, formerly with
the Food Production Branch, BICO,
has been named special adviser to the
chief of the Food, Agriculture and
Forestry Group, BICO, on agricultural
research  education  and  extension
Mr. Mortimer Kollender was pro-
moted to chief of the Administration
of Justice Branch, Legal Division,
OMGUS, succeeding Mr. Charles H.
Kraus, who returned to the United
States. Mr. Kollender was formerly
chief of the Ministry Section and
deputy chief of the Administration of
Justice Branch.
Mr. P. G. Barter was transferred
from chief of the Food Planning and
Statistics Branch, BICO, to head the
Agriculture Committee of the Organi-
zation for European Economic Coope-
ration in Paris.
Mr. B. A. Cash-Reed, formerly chief
of the Inspectorate Branch BICO, was
named to succeed Dr. Barter as chief
of the BICO branch.
Mr. Thomas F. Sullivan, former
assistant chief of police of Hartford,
Conn., has been appointed police in-
spector and investigator for OMG
Mr. David B. Bernstein, veteran
MG judge and head of the legal
departments in Kassel and Frankfurt,
has ended four years of service with
Military Government to return to
the United States. He was succeeded
by Mr. Fred J. Cohen, senior legal
officer for Darmstadt.
Mr. H. J. Gilman, relinquished his
posts as deputy chief of theCommerce
& Industry Group, BICO, and chief of
the Commerce & Industry Elements,
CCG(BE), in the British Zone, to
Leroy Vogel, on leave as professor of
modern European history at Centenary
College, was appointed deputy chief
of the Education and Cultural Affairs
Division, OMG Hesse. (OMGH PIO photo)
return to private business in the
United Kingdom. He was succeeded
by Mr. E. V. Deldy.
Dr. Omar Pancoast became ECA
special adviser in addition to his
duties asOMGUS-BICO liaison officer
of the Food, Agriculture and Forestry
Group, BICO.
Mr. Louis J. Simonich, chief of the
Wuerttemberg-Baden field office of
the Bipartite Communications Group,
returned to the United States after
four and a half years of military and
civilian service in Europe.
Mr. John S. Meadows, chief of the
Bavarian field office of the Bipartite
Communications Group, succeeded
Mr. Simonich in Stuttgart.
Mr. J. C. Lynn, chief of the Food
Supply Branch, BICO, returned to the
United States to become special
assistant to the president of the
American Farm Bureau Federation.
Mr. Leland E. Spencer resumed his
duties as chief of the Bipartite Com-
merce and Industry Group, BICO,
after a two-month visit to the United
Representatives of the Bipartite
Food, Agriculture and Forestry Group,
BICO, at the recent four-day me
of world food officials in Get
Switzerland, were Mr. G. E. H
Mr. H. A. Taster and Mr. J. C. L
Three German food officials ac
panied them.
Dr. Karl Loewenstein, prewar
fessor at the University of l
and now professor of Political sci
at Amherst College, completed a f
month lecture tour in southern
many, speaking on governmend
and constitutional topics at US Inf
mation Centers. He was an adviser:
the Legal Division, OMGUS, in 1
and 1946.
Four civilian consultants to
surgeon general of the US A
toured army installations and
tals in the European Command.
were Dr. David Preswick BE
Dr. Vernon Lewis Hart, Dr. Lu
Elmer Daniels and Dr. John Vern
A party of American Medical Asm
ciation officials, headed by its pro
ident, Dr. Roscoe Sensenic, contort
with MG public health officials o,;
tour of the US Zone. Others in tb
party were Dr. Elmer L. Hendersaq
Dr. John Kline and Dr. Crai
Barker.                 C
The Rev. Delmar L. Dyreson,
sociate director of the General C
mission on Army and Navy C
lains, toured EUCOM install
talking with chaplains and troops.
is editor of "The Chaplain" and
Link" magazines.
Prof. Herta Kraus of Bryn
College and Dr. Kaete Radtk*
Catholic College, St. Louis,
guests of the first postwar concla
German social workers recently
Dr. J. A. B. Cathie, prominent
tish  physician  of Great 0
Street Children's Hospital in Lo
advised German doctors in the B
and US Sectors of Berlin on the
of the new drug, streptomycin.
Newspaper Competition
The state publisher associatio
the US Zone have agreed to
former geographical restrictions
opening all areas of the zone to
petition from all zonal newspa
Personnel Changes Announced

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