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Information bulletin
No. 126 (January 13, 1948)

American Good Will at Christmas time,   pp. 25-26 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 25

THE      NEW
YEAR dawn-
ed brighter for   1
many thousands
of  unfortunate
German children
as a result of
a friendly wave
of holiday festi-
vities given for them
ican occupation forces
Food, clothing, cand
the basic necessities c
little  luxuries  cher
children - poured oc
thousands of parties,
large organized fetes
neighborhood gatheri:
the US-occupied area
American personnel
stadt Military Post fe
man children and 1,2
each youngster receiv
fruit, soap, a towel,
piece of clothing. ThE
tary Post personnel
than $100,000 worth
clothing, while 30,000
in age from six to 14
ed at parties.
The language barrie
good fellowship as
and 2,850 DP children
ed at 300 American
parties in the bizo
Frankfurt. Strains of
and "O Tannenbaum"
by enthusiastic rendil
Bells" and "White C}
Families of employE
man news agency DE
ers in Bad Nauhein
throughout the US-
were gladdened by a
CARE packages from
American Newspaper
a Christmas gift desi
through  the  winte
Packages  being   se
chapters to fellow jou
initiated plans
gifts sent from the L
a holiday token. Co
Glavin of Bad Homb
Christmalsl letters to f
lea asking for packac
Youth. More than 300(
Seating 27 cities and 1
3 JANUARY 1948
rican Gooc
t Wi]
At Christmas Time
L by the Amer-   ed with tons of contributions, and  throughout Bay
the Glavins turned their cellar into a  orphanages and
ly, and toys -   Santa Claus workshop to repair and  mas eve to dist
if life and those  repaint the toys.                 bought with thi
fished  by  all    Merle Potter of Berlin, who: is
)ut at countless  adviser to the Chief of Staff, OMGUS,  mHE  FILM
ranging from   on American-German relations, insti-    presented
to small, private  tuted a similar gift project, which he  children's films
ngs throughout   called a "Schornsteinfeger Club." The  12,000
,s.             tall, silk-hatted Schornsteinfeger, or  folk dances stE
I of the Darm-   chimney sweep, is symbolic of good  themselves hig
ted 21,000 Ger-  luck in Germany. Approximately 800  Ukrainian DP
00 DP children,  packages came from persons in the   Red Cross.
ing candy, gum,  United  States  as their "fee" for   Men of the
and a toy or   membership.                          pany at Neu A
e Wetzlar Mili-    More than 40,000 German and DP    the depot shop
donated more    youngsters were entertained at par-  scrap lumber, si
L of food and    ties given by personnel of the Wies-  attended the 1
children ranging  baden military post, while employees  depot would ha
were entertain-  of the OMG for Hesse raised $4,500
to benefit 1,800 children and their fam-  Arican  dee
20,000 Geltd efrm   ilies.  In  all,  Hesse's  51,746  Am eni-  e
can personnel -military, civilian and
were entertain-  deedn                    oe        ages, took Ch:
wer enertin- dependent -    entertained more than  t:130hl
i and   Bipartite   2 00 0 -  e tran  dt        a   to  1,300  childr
220000 German and DP children at      d
nal capital of   approximately 1,000 large, organized
"Heilige Nacht"  parties.                            orphans attend
were followed    American holiday spirit in Bavaria  wA     spippe:
ions of "Jingle  meant generous amounts of toys,
eristmas."       candy, and clothing and innumerable  blankets; towel
ees of the Ger-  parties for German children. Through  toothbrushes  1
NA Headquart-    coordinated programs of the military  were among the
n and bureaus    posts, Constabulary, and[MilitaryGov-  these parentlesc
occupied  areas  ernment, more than 250,000 children   "Scrounging
holiday gift of  received gifts or attended parties.  ed by the womi
members of the    In Munich, there was an dance at  itary Communil
Guild. This was  the Hofbrau Keller for older members  went on foragh
Igned to extend  of the GYA and an orphan's party    of the: Ameri(
r  with   other  two days later complete with clowns,  toys and food.
ent  by   guild  St. Nickolaus, candy, cocoa, and gifts%  and more than
irnalists in Ger-  Between 6,000, and  7,000 German  packed by thes
children were entertained Dec. 23 at  Workshop" in th
17ES in Germany  the American clubs the Hofbraeu and  various organi:
for distributing  Buergerbraeu-Keller, the  American  mas parties fo
Jnited States as  Way and the Orlando Club, candy    this central sti
1. and Mrs. E.   and toys were distributed and Santa   The proceed
urg wrote pre-   Claus' health toasted in the drinking  films shown dui
riends in Amer-  of hundreds of gallons of cocoa.    theaters in Bat
ges for German     Murray D. Van Wagoner, Bavarian   charity holiday
families repre-  OMG Land director distributed bask-  taling more tha
0 states respond-  ets of fruit to a Munich orphanage.  by the Bavaria
1    These had been
purchased  in
Italy with funds
collected  and
sent  to  him
from friends in
his home state
of   Michigan.
MG     officers
raria visited 25 other
d hospitals on Christ-
tribute additional fruit
is gift money.
a series of special
attended by more than
ers. Native Ukrainian
aged by the children
hlighted a party for
children held by the
11st Signal Depot Com-
Wubing spent weeks in
a building toys out of
;o that each child who
holiday party at the
ave a gift.
orporated, a group of
ndent women organiz-
fs in German orphan-
ristmas entertainment
en in 19 asylums in
unich, while 700 older
ded GYA   parties in
quipment collected by
rs fashioned out of
Is, wash cloths, soap,
toothpaste, and toys
Le items assembled for
s children.
Parties" were arrang-
en of the Munich Mil-
ty, during which they
ng trips in the homes
cans there, gathering
The toys were rebuilt,
1,700 bags of candy
se women in "Santa's
heHofbraeu-Keller. The
zations giving Christ-
ir children drew from
is from all German
,ring one day in all 'he
varia were given to a
r fund. The money, to-
n RM 50,000 was used
an state secretary for
- - - - a - -

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