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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 99 (June 1947)

Germans must initiate own planning,   p. 7 PDF (600.7 KB)

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Realistic Programs for Recovery must be Devised and Top Experts must
Guide Operations, Bavarian MG Deputy Director Tells Show Audience
GERMAN business groups, trade
unions, farmer associations, and
other economic organizations must
take the initiative in practical plan-
ning for the solution of Bavarian's
economic ills, Kenneth Dayton, De-
puty Director of the Office of Mili-
tary Government for Bavaria, said at
a ceremony in Munich marking the
first anniversary of the Bavarian
export show.
Saying "the great lack in the past
months has been the German failure
to present plans". Mr. Dayton asser-
ted: "They have sat back and waited
to be told what they may do, what
they ought to do. There is some rea-
son to believe that business at least
has done this consciously and deli-
berately. If so, there had better be a
change. This is no time to play a
waiting game. Much more delay and
Germany, and business with it, will
be beyond recovery."
Although more and more authority
had been vested in German agencies,
he said, their failure to present "real-
istic plans for Allied approval has...
been the greatest barrier to more
rapid advance." He told the audience
of MG and Bavarian economic offi-
cials and German business and labor
representatives:  "If it were  my
people who were hungry and cold
and without shelter, I would make
plans and proposals anyway." How-
ever, such plans must be made within
the framework of Allied policy, and
"attempts tq evade this policy are
not only useless but will further de-
lay German recovery."
(OVERNMENT agencies, indus-
G    trial, labor and farmer organi-
zations must plan and act together to
increase production for export and
home consumption. Exports provide
dollar credits for more food and raw
materials, which in turn contribute
to production, while domestic output
provides increased material wealth
within the country, reducing inflation
and providing more food, consumer
goods and housing, thus increasing
Lt. Gen. Clarence R. Huebner, Deputy
Commander-in-Chief, EUCOM, attend-
ing the opening of the Bavarian Ex-
port Exhibit, is shown some of the
porcelain pieces on display.
(photo from DENA-Bild)
the farmers and workers' willingness
and ability to produce.
Business associations, in coopera-
tion  with the  other cooperative
groups should draft their own plans
for obtaining replacements for facto-
ries and raw materials, for reducing
taxes and increasing profits, stabiliz-
ing the currency, obtaining foreign
markets and freeing business from
red tape and bureaucracy. Military
Government is ready and willing to
consider their proposals as long as
they are "made in good faith and not
with deceitful intent to escape from
essential controls."
The workers require food, cloth-
ing, household goods, and adequate
shelter, the Deputy Military Gover-
nor stated, but these can be obtained
only through a successful export
programm which will keep the wheels
of industry turning.
"In the meantime, I do not believe
it impossible to devise ways which
will immediately produce more con-
sumer goods almost wholly from in-
digenous  resources  with  German
labor," Mr. Dayton said. "Let the
trade unions and the manufacturers
combine to prepare a plan." The
unions should prepare practical plans
for simplification of economic distri-
bution and controls, and insist that
the government take action.
FARMERS' representatives,   also,
1should devote themselves to de-
vising plans for increased production
of consumers goods, farm machinery,
and fertilizers vitally needed for in-
creased food production,
Concerning the government's role
in economic planning, he cited the
new bizonal Economic Council as
giving Germans even greater control
over their economic problems. But he
stated that representatives of the
Laender in this Council must be
chosen for administrative ability and
competence, and "party politics and
strife for position must play no
"The question must not be the re-
lative place and influence of the CDU
or SPD, or of any of their leaders,
but the vital need of the 40 million
people of the two zones... You have
chambers of commerce and trade
associations, trade and farmers unions
and other organizations. You have
newspapers and you have the radio.
Use them to be certain that the Coun-
cil, the Executive Committee and the
directors are chosen and work for
Germany and not party ends."
The Bavarian OMG official called
on the Land governments to avoid
"regionalsm" and to draft the best
men possible to aid them in the solu-
tion of economic problems. He cited
the example of the US Government
during the' war, in going outside of
the civil service to obtain industrial
and business leaders to aid it in a
period of emergency.
THE problems confronting you to-
day are abnormal and you cannot
hope to succeed unless you take
abnormal remedies," he added. "One
of these is the inclusion in the gov-
ernment... of the best men to be
found in each of the fields which con-
front you."
30 JUNE 1947

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