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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 98 (June 1947)

More war plants are allocated,   p. 17 PDF (680.8 KB)

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Section 36
(1) So far as decisions under- this Ordinance
are to be made by the Amtsgevichti .the Amits-
gericht at the seat of the Landgeridit shall
have jurisdiction ratione loci.
(2) The Land Minister of Justice may', In
agreement with the Minister for. Economics,
make different rules. as to the jurisIdiction of
the Amtsgericht to meet local requirements;
he may in particular order that one Amts-
gericht shall have jurisdiction ratione loci
in respect of several Landgericht districts.
Likewise he may confer on the Strafkammer
of one Landgericht jurisdiction over several
Landgericht districts in matters which under
this Ordinance are to be decided by the Straf-
kammer of the Landgericht.
Section 37
Subject to the provisions of Section 3, the
E.C.E. may issue administrative. regulations-
necessary for the purpose of discharging its
Xesponsibilities uhder this Ordinance.
Section 38:
The Supreme Land Authority determines the
Authority  of . the  Economic A Administration
having jurisdiction under Sections 15, 17, 19
to 22 and 23 to 28.
Section 39
(1) In the absence of 'action by the E.C.E.,
the Supreme Land Authotity is authorized, up
to 31st March 1948, to, issue Orders. of gen-
eral application, for the regulation of trans-
actions in commodities within the scope of
this Ordinance; if immediate regulation be-
comes necessary. Section 5, second sentence,
shall  apply  mutatis  mutandis. The Ver-
waltungsamt shall be notified of the intended
measure; the order may be promulgated if
the Verwaltungsamt does not, Within three
weeks after receipt of the notification, raise
an objecion.
Section 40
(1) Verordnungen and, Anordnungen for the
regulation of transactions in commodities in
trade and industry, issued before the coming
into fQrce of this Ordinance, shall cease to
be effec'tive not later than 30th June 1948.
The t.C.E. may, in individual cases, extend
the period.
(2) Offenses committed after the coming into
force for this Ordinance against the provisions
mentioned in Subsection (1) or against ',An-
ordnungen issued under these provisions or
against other orders for the, regulation of
transaction in commodities in trade and in-
dustry shall be punishable in accordance with
the provisions of Sections 12 to' 35 this
Section 41
The following provisions are no longer ap-
plied to the sphere of trade :and industry:
1. Verordnung fiber den Warenverkehr as
amended on the 11th December .1942 (RGBl. I
S. 686) and Executive Order thereto with the
exception of the 'Veroidnung fiber die Wir-
kungen der Beschlagnahme zur Regelung des
Waren~verkehrs vom  4. Marz 1940 (RGBl. I
S. 1551).
2. Articles 1 and 2 of the Grosshessische
Verordnung fiber wirtschaftlichel Lenkungs-
massnahmen vom 18. Dezember 1945 (Gesetz-
und Verordnungsblatt ffir Grosshessen 1945
No. 3 S. 25)-
3. Verordnung, fiber., den Warenveirkehr in
Baden vom   3i. Olk)tober 1945 (Amtsblatt ffir
Baden 1946 No. I S. 7).
4. Articles 2 and 3 of the Bayerische Ver-
ordnung  Nr. 56 lager die Befugnisse   der
Bayerischen  Wirtscheftskontrolistellen  vom
20. MArz 1946 (Bayerisches Gesetz- und Ver-
ordnungsblatt 1946 No.. 12 S. 188).
Section 42
Under Section 10 (c) of Military Government
Law   No. 2, as S amended .by   Amndment
No. 2, German courts are. hereby authorized
to exercise jurisdiction 'in cases 'Involving
offenses against this Ordinance by persons
IN THE fourth bulk allocation made
by the Economics Directorate of the
Allied' Control Authority from Ger-
man war plants in the US Zone 2,427
items of general purpose equipment
valued at RM   4,705,871 were allo-
cated' to the Western Allied Nations
from six plants and to the USSR from
one plant.
Five of the six plants from which
equipment was. allocated. to the
Western Nations manufactured air-
craft parts during the war. They are
the Continental Metallwerke at Ober-
ursel, Hesse, with 34 items valued at
RM 131,524, the Continental Metall-
werke at Gross Auheim, Hesse, with
428 items valued at RM 1,2-93,369, the
Luftfahrtgeraetebau Gebr. '-Haage at
Stuttgart, with 29 items valued at
RM 90,260, the Hans Klemm Flugzeug-
bau at Boeblingen, Wuerttemberg-Ba-
den, with 124 items valued at RM
'114,731, and a Messerschmitt plant at
Augsburg, Bavaria, with 248 items
valued at RM 257,417. The sixth plant
is Fabrik Bobingen, a large explo-
sive-chemical plant at Bobingen, Ba-
varia, which produced a powerful ex-
plosive known 'as:'hexogen. It con-
tains 1,124 items valued  at RM
The Helmut Sachse plant at Munich,
from which general purpose equip-
ment was allocated to the Soviet
Union, contains 440 items valued at
RM 1,272,876. The Munich plant was
constructed in 1943 for the production
of electrical equipment for aircraft.
The four - bulk allocations 'fromr US
Zone. war plants which are indepen-
nr, e~x~ep~tedIhre  the jurisdiction of'German
cqurts" under Section 10 (a) f Milltary Govern-
ment La* No. 2, as ameaded,,,.or ars hereafter
SecUon 43
The German text of this Ordinance will be
the official text and the provisions of para-
graph 5 of' Article II of Military Government
Law No.- 4 will- not apply 6 such text.
This' Ordinance shall become effective -on
10 June 1947.
dent of the advance delivery pro-
gram make a total of 95 plants.: from
which general purpose equipment
valued at RM 99,940,251 has been al-
located from the zone. The total in-
cludes 75 plants from which general
purpose equipment valued at RM
82,408,002 has-been allocated to the
Western Nations,; and a total of 20
plants from which equipment valued
at RM 17,532,249 has been allocated
to the USSR. Fifty-five of the 95 war
plants are in the aircraft industry, 17
in the armaments field,: 14 are explo-
sive-chemical plants, and the remain-
ing 9 plants are producers of miscel-
laneous equipment such as special
machinery, parts and tools.
This equipment represents remov-
able industrial capital equipment suit-
able  for   peacetime  production,
whereas the war specialized equip-
ment (suitable only for production of
war materials) in these war plants is
liquidated by destruction.
The Inter Allied Reparation Agency
at. Brussels, composed of delegates
from each of the 18 member govern-
ments, is responsible for the sub-
allocation of equipment allocated to
the Western Allied Nat4ons... The
member nations are Albania,. Austra-
lia, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia,
Denmark, Egypt, France, Greece,
India, Luxembourg, Norway, The
Netherlands, New Zealand, Union of
South Africa, United Kingdoint, United
States, and Yugoslavia. The USSR is
responsible for assignment %'of rep-
arations to Poland from  her own
23 JUNE 1947
More War Plants AllocatedI

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