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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 97 (June 1947)

Books on Germany, part 3,   pp. 10-12 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 10

BO O K S _  >  _   -
Part 3
A mong the Special Books, which
comprise the third in this series
of articles on OMGUS Reference
Library material, are included special-
type publications that are of great
value to the person who wishes to
delve deeper into the study of
Germany and the Germans. The two
bibliographies already published were
intended to assist the reader In
acquiring only a general knowledge
of Germany. Now the type of material
recommended becomes highly special-
ized and penetrates below the surface,
Most of the books mentioned in this
article can be used only in the Re-
ference Library.
Frequent inquiries are made at the
Reference Library concerning the
exact location of -German cities,
towns, rivers, and other geographical
features. The two atlases mentioned
below supply the answer in most
Andrees Handatlas, ausgewAhite,
v8llig neu bearbeitete Ausgabe of
1937, by Richard Andree. This is one
of the finest atlases in the world,
particularly valuable for locating
cities, towns, lakes, rivers, and moun-
tains by name. More than 100
excellent maps are indexed in the
"Alphabetisches Namensverzeichnis",
which lists more than 120,000 geo-
graphical features by name. This is
useful for locating German cities
and towns, but also covers the
entire globe.
Stielers Handatlas of 1939, by
Adolph Stieler. This is another fine
world atlas, similar to Andrees Hand-
atlas, but not exactly the same. Both
are necessary in a large library. It
contains 254 maps, indexed in a
Namensverzeichnis of more than
335,000 entries.
Travel Guides
The Reference Library has more
than 30 travel books dealing with all
parts of Germany. They include
many Baedekers and similar works.
Some are in English and some in
German. The travel guides give more
detailed information than maps and
atlases, for in addition to geo-
graphical location they list scenic
features, museums, historical monu-
ments and other facilities.
The Reference Library's collection
of German dictionaries is adequate
for the needs of OMGUS offices and
Cassell's German and English dic-
tionary, is one of the best one-volume
bilingual dictionaries. Correct pro-
nunciation is indicated by use of
phonetic spelling for each word. It is
not only a guide to literary German,
but includes some modern technical
and scientific terms as well.
Der Grosse Duden, Rechtschreibung
der deutschen Sprache und der Fremd-
w8rter, edition of 1939, is a hand-
book for German spelling, syllabi-
fication, and grammar. Widely used
by German printers as the final
authority for spelling and syllabi-'
fication. Arranged alphabetically like
a dictionary, it is not a dictionary in
the American sense of the word.
Der Grosse Duden, Stilwdrterbuch
der deutschen Sprache, edition of
1938, is a style manual indicating
how German words, phrases, ex-
pressions are to be used properly.
Arranged alphabetically like a dic-
tionary, it includes synonyms and is
compiled for the use of teachers,
students, authors, and foreigners.
Allgemeines verdeutschendes und
erklArendes Fremdw~rterbuch, by Jo-
hann C. A. Henses. This is a diction-
ary of foreign words that have be-
come part of the German language
and is particularly useful because
many German words of foreign origin
are omitted from the standard Ger-
man language dictionaries.
Muret-Sanders Encyclopedic English-
German and German-English Diction-
ary (4 vols.) is a very thorough and
complete bilingual dictionary. Correct
pronunciation is indicated by phone-
tic spelling. More than 30 years old,
it, therefore, does not include modern
Deutsches Wdrterbuch, vierte Auf-
lage, edited by Karl Euling. This is
a: dictionary of German words with
emphasis on the historical derivation.
It does not give syllabification nor
16 JUNE 1947

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