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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 93 (May 1947)

Regulations for auto sale,   p. 14 PDF (663.3 KB)

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impoverishment of large parts of the
population as a consequence of the
totally lost war... We shall not
despair... What infused our people
with pride and joy when they cele-
brated May Day in former centuries is
still ours today: the strength of our
hands, the insight and the inven-
tiveness of our brains, and our
hearts' belief in the recovery of our
The Fuldaer Volkszeitung also
dwelled on the importance of work
to help Germany. It criticized espe-
cially those who shirk work because
the money they earn is worth so
little: "To the degree that work is
honored, laziness must be condemned.
It is the purpose of the workers'
holiday to make the demands of the
working people a hymn of praise for
The paper deplored that recent war
experiences have not aroused the
pacifist emotions of the people enough
to cry for "No more war
Wishes of People
The Schwaebische Donau-Zeitung
(Ulm) in discussing the question of
of a party press said:
"The representatives of the licensed
press are not opposed to party papers
on principle. They have repeatedly
expressed that opinion, for instance,
at their meeting in Garmisch-Parten-
kirchen last December. They realize
that, because of the paper shortage,
the parties cannot always be granted
the amount of space necessary to
represent their just interests. But the
wishes of the population should be
considered... Several papers in the
US Zone conducted polls in order to
determine public opinion on this
question. The result has always been
a clear desire for keeping the above-
party press."
The paper announced the following
results on its own poll, which was
answered by 2,172 subscribers: "90.8
percent prefer continuation of the pre-
sent above-party press, and only 5.9
percent want the above-party press
to be replaced by a party press. 16.8
percent would like to have the indivi-
dual parties issue their own paper in
addition to above-party papers."
Sweeping regulations governing the
sale, transfer, and registration of
motor vehicles in the four Laender
comprising the US Zone of Germany
and the American Sector of Berlin
were promulgated simultaneously by
The regulations are aimed at safe-
guarding the German economy from
the loss of motor vehicles through
sales to foreign interests and prevent-
ing profiteering in transactions involv-
ing motor vehicles by insuring that
purchases are made for use and not
for resale. At the same time, the
blanket ban against the purchase4
sale, pledge, transfer, barter, or other
disposition of a motor vehicle, in ef-
fect since 31 March 1947, was lifted.
The OMGUS regulations are con-
tained in MG Ordinance No. 13, which
applies to all persons within the US
area of control not subject to military
law. The EUCOM restrictions supple-
ment the ordinance by imposing sub-
stantially identical prohibitions upon
persons subject to military law.
Ordinanca No. 13 divides all per-
sons, governments, and businesses in
the US area of control into two clas-
ses-domestic interests and foreign
interests. Domestic interests include
all German residents, businesses, and
governmental agencies, as well as dis-
placed persons and foreign nationals
who are living in the German econo-
my and have been within the US area
of control for more than one year.
Foreign interests comprise all other
persons, businesses, and foreign gov-
ernments, except persons subject to
US military law.
The( ordinance does not apply to
transactions between domestic in-
terests. However, all transactions in
motor vehicles between domestic in-
terests and foreign interests are pro-
hibited unless licensed by Military
Transactions between foreign in-
teirests in motor vehicles which have
been owned at any time by a dome-
stic interest are also prohibited, ex-
cept those vehicles which are ob-
tained through proper Army procure-
ment channels, which are authorized
Geirman exports or which are regi-
stered under the EUCOM Vehicle and
Traffic Code.
These prohibited transactions may
be licensed by the Directors of the
Land Offices of Military Government
or the Office of Military Government
for Berlin Sector if the foreign it-
terests concerned are living or en-
gaging in business or the practice of
professions in the German economy.
The ordinance imposes two addi-
tional restrictions. UF citizens within
the US area of control are prohibited
from engaging in transactions in mo-
tor vehicles with persons not US citi-
zens or foreign corporations whose
principal place of business is not in
the United States. Such transactions
may be licensed, however, if the US
citizen is living in the German econo-
my, if the vehicle concerned is not
located within the US area of control
or is registered under the EUCOM
Vehicle and Traffic Code.
The second additional prohibition
prevents a foreign interest from en-
gaging in a transaction involving any
motor vehicles which has been acqui-
red in or imported into the US area
of control within six months after the
importation or acquisition.  In the
event the foreign interest is leaving
-the! area permanently within this six
months' period or a serious emer-
gency requires disposition of the ve-
hicle, the transaction may be licensed.
Finally, German authorities are pro-
hibited from registering in the name
of a foreign interest any motor ve-
hicle formerly owned by a domestic
interest unless written approval of
Military Government to the trans-
action is presiented.
Location with APO
Beginning 1 June, all official corre-
spondence must show the geographi-
cal location and APO number on
letterheads and on envelopes. This
information will also be given pre-
ceding the date line in indorsements.
An example of this is the following:
"Office of Military Government for
Germany (US), Berlin, Germany, APO
742, US Army."
19 MAY 1947
Regulations for Auto Sale

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