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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 74 (January 1947)

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Zone Export Program
Managers and Directors of consumer goods
industries in the US Zone were recently
urged to submit production programs show-
ing to what extent they require raw mater-
ials for the manufacture of export products.
The Chief of the Trade and Commerce
Branch of the OMGUS Economics Division
stated that the $7,750,000 in commodity
advances made available to OMGUS by the
US Commercial Company, a US Government
subsidiary, cannot be allocated without
detailed information as to the production
needs of each industry.
It was further pointed out that the
purpose of the commodity advances is to
reduce occupation costs by expansion of ex-
ports from the US Zone, and that purchases
of imported raw materials is an "interim
program" which, if successful, will permit
additional allocations of funds from time to
time before 30 June 1947. The importance
of non-transactional commercial correspond-
ence which became available to Germans in
the US Zone on 2 December 1946 was
emphasized, and marks a long step forward
in the encouragement of export transactions
by permitting the exchange of facts and
information between manufacturers in Ger-
many and the prospective customer abroad.
Initial commodity advances cover five
individual programs in the following
amounts: Ceramics, $1,000,000; Light Ma-
chinery and Optics, $1,750,000; Basic
Chemicals, $3,500,000; Building Industry,
$1,000,000; Miscellaneous, $500,000.
Products which are readily saleable abroad
and for which raw materials can be made
available under the light machinery and
optics program include: Agricultural ma-
chinery and spare parts, shoe machinery and
spare parts, sewing machinery and spare
parts, textile machinery and spare parts,
baking equipment, rubber machinery, spare
parts for automobiles and trucks, X-ray
spare parts, papermaking machinery, paper
converting and cutting machinery, printing
matrices, switch gears, typewriters, spare
parts for Diesel and other marine engines,
cameras, and microscopes.
Swiss Relief Agency
The Centre D'Entr'Aide, Swiss private
welfare agency, has been authorized through
a recent agreement with OMGUS, to send
gift relief parcels to Germans resident in
the US Zone. This agency will deliver
packages ordered by Swiss citizens to Ger-
man private welfare agencies for distribution
to the addressees.
The packages will be of four standard
types and will cost the equivalent of from
eight to fourteen dollars. Typical contents
of the packages are: butter and fat, cheese,
bacon, malt extract, powdered milk, honey,
sugar, and cocoa, although not all those items
will be included in a single parcel.' A
percentage of the profits from the sale of
the parcels will be allocated to general
relief in the US Zone.
Foreign Holdings
MG Law No. 53, which requires all Ger-
mans to report their foreign property even
though it may have been seized, was reaf-
firmed recently by the Finance Division,
OMGUS, after the recent conviction of a
German national by an MG court of OMG
Bavaria. The Board of Review for the
Office of Military Government for Bavaria
has upheld the court's findings.
An order similar to Military Government
Law No. 53 has recently been enacted by the
Allied Kommandatura for Greater Berlin
where declarations of foreign exchange
assets must be filed with the Berliner Stadt-
h-ontor by 31 December 1946.

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