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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 72 (December 1946)

[Highlights of policy],   pp. [4]-16 PDF (8.9 MB)

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The bleak and discouraging picture of the
housinog situation, as Germany enters her
second w inter of occupation, is slightly re-
lieved by a few elements of hope. Through
the repair of partially-destrov ed dwellings.
through the use of barrackls and empty in-
dustrial buildings, and through the conver-
sion of attics and unused spaces in buildings.
thousands of Germans can find shelter in
spite of the lack of building materials an(l
transport. Furthermore, a new method for
tile disposal and use of rubble will go a
long way tow ard solving several of the here-
tofore insurmountable problems.  By pro-
eesing the rubble on the site of the ruins
lv the use of large mills, it can be cleared
away an(d a new and excellent building' ma-
terial can be made on the spot by mixing the
pulverized rubble with concrete. Hence, tiwo
major tasks can. be accomplislhed withoit
dcpelndingr on Ihratnsportation facilities.
It is obvious that old and ordinary meth-
ods of constiitetion for soliving the cur-
rent housing problem are out of the question.
Coal is needed to manufacture brick and
cement, approxilntaely 12.5 tons of it being,
necessary for building one flat containing
three rooms and a kitchen - and a shortage of
coal will exist for a long timue to come. This
Rubble which lines this street in the I
Sector of Berlin can now be utilized
application of a newly- developed pi
cess.                 Signal Corps Ph,

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