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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 62 (October 1946)

German reactions,   p. 17 PDF (490.2 KB)

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-                                  -   w   l   -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~t
w -
Zone Licensed Newspapers
Emphasizing Youth Activities
The 40 US-licensed newspapers, with a
total circulation of nearly 4,000,000 average
more than two items in each issue on
youth activities. All newspapers publishing
feuilleton supplements devote at least an
entire page to reports of youth activities and
reorientation material. Die Neue Zeitung,
US-published Zone newspaper with a cir-
culation of approximately 1,500,000, has a
special advisor on youth problems in order
to increase the amount of material for youth.
*    *    *
America's foreign policy dominated the
top news in the licensed newspapers in the
US Zone for the third successive week, ac-
cording to the press analysis of the Office
of the Director of Information Control,
OMGUS, for the week 15-22 September.
Centering on the New York speech of Secre-
tary of Commerce Wallace, the stories were
handled cautiously at first but developments
focused more attention on the American
position. Editorial comment was sparse but
news handling indicated favoritism of editors
for Secretary of State Byrnes.
The Weser Kurier (Bremen) said: "In
recent months, voices have arisen which
warned against overestimating the foreign
political unanimity of the United States.
The isolationists are not yet dead, they said.,
and it now becomes clear through the speech
of Commerce Secretary Wallace in New York
that these opponents of the official American
policy not only exist but are resolved to
take the offensive.... If America should
really withdraw to its own continent, the
inevitable result would be a new bloc-build-
ing in Europe.... To us Germans it will
seem as though the unity program of the
nation as presented so emphatically by (See-
retary) Byrnes sy]
of peace."
In discussing the One World idea advocat-
ed by Secretary Byrnes as against Mr. Wal-
lace's "Two Worlds," the Hessische Nach-
richten (Kassel) said "American isolationism,
which was buried by America's entry into
the war in 1941 ... appears resurrected.
. . . A recognition of a division of the world
and the allocation of spheres of influence
for both great powers might provide a re-
lease in the tension in the present situation.
But was not Munich a textbook example that
such a release of tension means only post-
ponement? The policy of the Foreign Min-
ister (Byrnes), which might have seemed
to have been disavowed temporarily, has
emerged from the crisis strengthened."
The Badische Neueste Nachrichten (Karls-
ruhe) commented: "The anxious doubts as
to whether the Wallace speech represents a
change in USA policy toward Germany and
Europe and disavows (Secretary) Byrnes,
have been allayed by the statements of
(President) Truman. which represent not
only a triumph for (Mr.) Byrnes, but a
triumph of reason. With (Mr.) Truman's
demand that (Mr.) Wallace resign and the
subsequent withdrawal of the American
Commerce Minister the last doubt has been
*    *    *
In an attack on rumors concerning food,
the Suedost Kurier (Bad Reichenhall) said:
"For quite a while rumors have been cir-
culating in Bavaria which contended that
butter and other foodstuffs had been sent
to America through black market means. It
is supposed that these rumors constitute prop-
aganda of former Nazis. The press office
of the Bavarian Minister of Agriculture in-
forms the Suedost Kurier that these rumors
have no basis whatsoever."

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