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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 50 (July 1946)

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Page 22

He had an idea; he wrote it up; he sent
it in; and today Mr. Christopher Legge of
the OMGUS Control Office is richer by $25.
ILegge, the initial prize winner in the Em-
ptoyee Suggestion and Awards Campaign, out-
lined a comprehensive orientation course on
the aims, policies and results of MG in Ger-
many fornew arrivals in the ET, especially
in Berlin.
In the first month's operation, 42 sugges-
tions, for increasing MG efficiency have been
received, 35 of which came from Berlin per-
sonnel and the remaining seven from emp-
loyees in the Zone.
Fifteen of the suggestions are aimed at
reducing occupation costs through manpower,
material and money savings, four each are
devoted to safety and means of improving
the occupation program, five deal with mor-
ale, three with black market control, two
with training, and nine others offer varied
suggestions for MG. Of these, 34 are intend-
ed for Zone-wide application and eight for
local use.
The Suggestions and Awards Campaign
seeks to bring to the attention of OMGUS
constructive ideas to facilitate the job of ad-
ministering occupation duties. The program
was inaugurated to make available a suitable
outlet for the untold numbers of ideas that
lie dormant in the minds of employees. By
this means it is hoped to bring to light these
time, life and money saving ideas.
Contributors will have an opportunity of
winning various prizes of merchandise, in-
cluding jeeps, watches, cameras, radios and
silverware, awarded to both military and civ-
ilian personnel; paid leaves and furloughs of
from seven to fifteen days to any place in
the theater for military personnel, and cash
prizes of $25 to $250, plus tours on TDY
status, for civilians. Tbe number of meritori-
ous suggestions will govern the number of
awards to be given intermittently.
Every OMGUS employee throughout the
theater - including US military and civ-
ilian personnel and all Allied and neutral
personnel working for MG in the American
Zone may participate. An individual may
submit as many suggestions as lie chooses
and receive as many individual awards as
his entries warrant.  Suggestions must be
typed in triplicate, with the original sub-
mitted to the local committee and two copies
mailed to the Central Suggestions Committee.
Judging is being done by the Central
Committee, located in Berlin, and by the
committees set up locally in each of the three
Laender, Berlin Distrct, Bremen Enclave,
OMGUS (Main) at Berlin and OMGUS (Rear)
at Frankfurt. These seven local committees
will award prizes for meritorious suggestions
which are applicable to MG operations in the
area. The Central Committee in Berlin will
review all suggestions submitted in the Zone
and will award additional prizes for sugges-
tions having Zone-wide application.
Members of the Central Committee are
Major General C. L. Adcock, Assistant De-
puty Military Governor, chairmans; Mr. A. J.
Rockwell, Acting Director of the Legal Div-
ision; Mr. Henry Parkman, Director of Civil
Administration Division; Mr. F. S. Hanna-
mann, General Counsel to the Director, Econ-
omics Division; Dr. John Taylor, Chief of

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