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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 41 (May 1946)

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┬žOrZess CPomments
Stateside Editorials
Point Up The Lesson Ot "Ooperation Nursery"
"Operation Nursery," the round-up of
Germain Nazis by American and British
intelligence agents proves that "theGer-
mans are dtown but not out as, far as
ambitions to some time rule the world
go," according to an editorial in the
New Orleans States.
"It should ailso prove a lesson the
American army psychologists have been
trying to teach our soldiers overseas:
That the frauleins are using them to
build up a, belief that
the Germans aren't
- ._  so bad, and to split
the Allies .     It
should be a lesson-
to the wives and
families tof men still overseas, too, and
should give them pause when they hear
the argument that all servicemen should
'be returned home because they are no
longer needed in the vanquished coun-
"Anyone who thinks that the German
.... can turn inside tout in a, few months
was probably surprised at the announce-
ment of the raids netting so many Nazis,
working underground against the Allies
,and their occupation troops .   the
Prussian militarists as well as the nuc-
leus tof the Hitler Youth movement, un-
idergriound but still advocating Nazi
tenets, will do their best to 'unhorse' the
Allies, get them tout of the country, then
start their plans for world conquest
. The surest way in the world for
us to have another war in the next gen-
aeration is to pull out our troops before
it is time to Leave Germany ... Occupa-
tion, promises to be a long, tough job,
but tone that must be done for the peace
of the world."
The Norfolk Ledger Dispatch reminds
its readers that even though Allied auth-
orities felt that a plot to revive Hit-
Ilerism would be one of. the serious oc-
cupations problems, the appearance of
such.a plot is none the less disturbing.
"The outlawing of Nazi organizations
Would hardly be accepted without a
struggle. The men and women revealed
as the leaders in the movement, which
has been attacked, were for the most
part reared under the influence tof the
Nazi ideal. The fanaticism of the adhe-
rents of this ideal has been abundantly
demonstrated. No one need expect that
they will submit to defeat without resi-
stance whenever possible.
"But the fact that such movements
may be accepted as the normal reaction
of a spirited people makes them nonie
the less subversive tof the plan to root
out from German life the last vestiges
of the power and     influence which
plunged Germany and the world into a
cataclysm. The Allied round-up... is
evidence tof vigorous control ;and may
serve as a restraining influence, for the
time being, upon Germans who are not
inclined to submit without protest." But,
-the Ledger Dispatch  observes, "it is
evidence, too, of the need for this con-
trol and of the danger that will lie ahead
both for Germany and for the rest of
the world if there is any relaxation of
the efforts to uncover and destroy ...
this evil."

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