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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 37 (April 1946)

Press comments,   pp. 13-19 PDF (3.6 MB)

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(7)ress ciomments
.J   CISe        =
The American press in recent editorial
comment on mass arrests in Germany
of Nazi Youth leaders generally regarded
this move as extremely important and as
evidence that re-education of Germany
is a problem of primary importance.
"When Hitler died his ideas and the
mass 'of his followers did'not die with
him "warns the Washington Star. "Bri-
tish and American raids rounded up
ab!out 1000, Germans
suspected of a plot to
=__        __    keep' Nazi the move-
ment alive for 'an
leventual comeback,
but this number,. as
Intelligence officers suggest, probably re-
presents -but a fraction of the total still
militantly attached to the Fuhrer's doc-
trines. In all likelihood there will be more
raids later on. War crushed merely the
machine with which the . Reich sought
'to impose its 'will upon the world: it
did not wipe out the philosophy of "Mein
Kampf" for change the hearts and minds
'of its devotees .
"By rounding up Germans engaged in
an underground conspiracy to make the
most of the mental poison left'behind by
Hitler, the Allies can do much, on a
short-term  basis, to head off serious
trouble and prevent Nazis still at large
from terrorizing those who sincerely wish
to cooperate with the victors in an effort
to rebuild Germany along democratic
lines. But raids can meet only one aspect
'of the problem. The task of putting an
Vend to Naziism is. something that will
take years to accomplish even under the
most favorable circumstances .nd these
circumstances do not now exist.
"... If the German problem is ever to
'be solved, the Allies will have to work
together on it with fullest cooperation,
acting firmly and withivision to eliminate
'promptly any condition likely to cause
grief five, ten or fifteen years from now."
After discussing earlier warnings *of
rebirth. of Hitlerism in the Reich, the
Salt.Lake City, Telegram said:
"It is a somber and disheartening pic-
ture. But we had better face it frankly
- face it now rather than 20 or 30 years
from -now when it may be too late...
"Certainly we are going to have to do
something to counter this menace. We
dare not -quit Germany until we have
wiped out the militarism, the arrogance,
the lust for revenge in hearts of Germans.
It may take us a long time to do that. It
may take a lot of effort. It may require
for many years services for occupation
duty in Germany 'of several hundred thou-
sand American soldiers. But that surely is
preferable to another war. It is preferable
to the services in another terrible war of
many millions of American boys and the
death perhaps of millions of American
soldiers and sailors and civilians in a
catastophic atomic 'bomb Armageddon."
Steps reportedly being taken by the
US to drop its program for educating
Germans to democratic ways, asserts the
Miami Heraldj "... is a disillusioning

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