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Reno, Marcus A., 1835-1889, (Marcus Albert) / The official record of a court of inquiry convened at Chicago, Illinois, January 13, 1879, by the President of the United States upon the request of Major Marcus A. Reno, 7th U.S. Cavalry, to investigate his conduct at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, June 25-26, 1876

Twenty-fourth day,   pp. 509-529 PDF (8.4 MB)

Page 509

Q. Could you form any estimate of the number of Indians that attacked you
    during that engage.nent?
A. I stated in nay official report, that from the best information at my
    command, and thinking I would be on the safe ride, I put1 it down at
    twenty-five hundred. I think now I was below the mark,
Q. What number of Indicans do you suppose engaged the command on top of the
A. I think they were all there,
so How long did the firing continue?
A. In intensity till about half past ten.  I am not sure of the time,
w. Then did it slacken any?
A. Yes,, sirs
as In what way?
A, The Indians removing down the bottom towards the village   I thought they
    were going for ammunition or to -et relief and would come back again.
    were raising quite a dust and smoke, having set the prairie on fire,
    it waci difficult to dis.tinguish what they were doing exactly, because
    they got behind this smoke and dust I lost eight of the-n I think now
    that they went that afternoon to meet General Terryls column, which on
    night of the 26th encamped eight or nine miles from there, I think they
    went to meet him; in fact I know they did,
Q. When did the Indians withdraw from the neighborhood of your position on
A0  There were some high points which perfectly sheltered some of their sharp-
    shooters,, and they remained there all day.  There were a few Indians
    to annoy the command, and they remained there till the evening of the
    26th annoying us, particularly in the matter of getting water0  They
    up closely to where we had to go out to get water,
    The Court then adjourned to meet at 10:30 AM0, tomorrow, Saturday,
February 8, 1879,
                            ';FEENTY*FOURTH DAY
                  Chicago, Illinois, February 8, 1879., 10:30 A. Mi0>
    The Court met pursuant to adjournment0  Present  All members of the?
the Recorder, and Major Reno and his Counsel.
    The proceedings of the last session were read and approved,
as follows-,
Q. I wish you to state the kind of weather you had on the 25th of June  and
    how you covered your head,
A, It was very warm. The sun was shining brightly.   Previous to leaving
    mouth of the hosebud I had been wearing (a felt hat, and it was dusc-ty
    dirty, and sorie officers went on a boat to where a trader hcai some
    brimm~ed straw hats which we paid 25 or 50 cents for, They hadl no band
    but they were a very good shelter frown the sun. I wore one of those0

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